Christians report Robin Williams is in hell

Christians report Robin Williams is in hell August 12, 2014

Robin Williams is spending an eternity in the fires of hell according to many Christians. The Internet is full of blogs, tweets and comments from the faithful reporting that the beloved actor and comedian is now suffering an eternity of torment, consumed by hell’s fire.

Oscar winning actor and comedian Robin Williams was found dead of an apparent suicide in his Tiburon, California home on Monday, according to the Marin County Sheriff’s Office. Immediately after news of his death by suicide was announced, Christians began to report Williams was in hell.

Some examples:

From What It Means To Be a Christian:

It’s with great sadness that I am about to say this: Maybe Robin Williams is in Hell. We forget that he blasphemed God, used profane language, and planted dirty jokes in the minds of people.

From Jesus Saved Me From Hell:

This tragic outcome of Robin Williams’ life demonstrated that no matter how talented and influential one is, if they lack a sound spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ, they will perish and end up in eternal hell.

While many of the faithful express a faux sadness when reporting the news that Williams must be in hell, others seem full of glee with the prospect. For example, Creation Science Study has a blog entry up entitled “Robin Williams is in Hell!” The following is an excerpt from that blog:

Greetings True Christians!

Did you know that Robin Williams is burning in Hell as we speak? That’s right boys and girls. Robin Williams is being tormented by Satan and the demons forever.

And, of course, the Westboro Baptist Church was happy to announce Williams is in hell.

There is something downright creepy about the pleasure many Christians take in the belief that others are burning in hell. What is up with that?

Indeed, there is a lengthy thread on Reddit dedicated to the frustration many feel with Christians using social media to claim Williams is in hell.

To be sure, not all Christians believe Williams is necessarily spending an eternity in hell. And many blogging Christians and Christian websites are taking care to prevent or remove insensitive and cruel remarks concerning Williams’ fate in a supposed afterlife.

For example, the following is from conscientious Catholic blogger Mark Shea writing for Patheos:

Robin Williams, RIP

He brought joy to a lot of people.  May he find in death the peace he could not find in life, through Christ our Lord.

And please, if you must comment, prayer only. If you feel a compulsion to make some political commentary, or wish him into hell because you’ve decided God has authorized you to pronounce on his eternal destiny (yes, I’m seeing people do this around the blogosphere), for the love of God just stow it.

It is not just Christians claiming Williams is in hell. Many Muslims are happy to make the same sort of claim.

In the end, of course, there is no heaven, and there is no hell. Death is final, and that is tragedy enough. There is no afterlife. All we can do now is mourn the loss, and celebrate the life.

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