March for Marriage 2014: What I Believe

March for Marriage 2014: What I Believe June 19, 2014

This video promoting the March for Marriage 2014 deals with the issue of religious freedom as it pertains to the overall issue of supporting traditional marriage.

I have written about these same things many times, including here, here, here and here.

Because of the issues raised in Public Catholic’s com boxes, I want to clarify where I stand.

I support civil and human rights for gay people, including legal provision for gay couples in areas such as inheritance, property and next of kin issues, among others. Gay people are human beings and American citizens. They have every right to engage in electoral politics, petition the courts or use any other legitimate means to achieve their ends, even when I do not agree with those ends.

One area where I disagree  is that I do not support the redefinition of marriage. I also unilaterally oppose the enormous designer-baby, baby-selling, egg harvesting/surrogacy industry. I am not talking about private arrangements between two people that do not involve money.  I have no interest in making that illegal. I would leave it under the same regulations as other medical procedures such as the voluntary donation of organs for transplant.

Egg harvesting and surrogacy for money, on the other hand, is predatory medical malpractice on its face. It should be illegal and doctors who do it should have their licenses to practice medicine permanently revoked. There should also be strong provisions for civil actions — with no limit on judgements — against these doctors. Egg harvesting should — and if it wasn’t for misogyny it would — fall under the same legal definitions and protections as the donation of bodily organs.

In my opinion, Medical Associations that support egg harvesting and surrogacy render any claims they make about protecting the public a sham by that action. Corporatists who support it — and they all seem to — are just being their evil money-is-everything/people-are-nothing selves.

I also am opposed to “tolerance education” the leads to confusion in young children and the infringement of the civil liberties and human rights of those who oppose gay marriage.

I am appalled by the use of bullying, job termination and labeling of those who oppose gay marriage. This is being used as a political tactic and it is destructive to everyone involved, as well as our nation as a whole.

I further believe that the letters from prominent elected officials demanding that Archbishop Cordileone not attend the 2014 March for Marriage were part of a coordinated effort to drive down the numbers of those who attend the march. The use of defamation of those sponsoring the March, as well as the plethora of name-calling that I have seen on this blog has led me to the conclusion that this is an attempt to keep people from attending the March by using intimidation.

If I had the money to go, I would be there. I am determined that I will be there next year, precisely because of this intimidation. I will not be intimidated and bullied in this manner. No one else should allow themselves to be bullied and intimidated like this, either.

I urge everyone who lives within driving distance to go to Washington today — there’s still time to participate in some of the events — and make yourself heard.

You can also donate to the National Organization for Marriage here.  I began monthly donations after Brendan Eich was fired for making a donation to Proposition 8. You can see the receipt for my donation here.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but this bullying and name-calling are not intimidating me. They are leading me to a stronger commitment.

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4 responses to “March for Marriage 2014: What I Believe”

  1. Good article. Specially calling out the medical and pharmaceudical industries on this one. The word “marriage” is the JACKPOT for them in these new up and coming markets, as well as many other markets. How in the world is America (or our Western world) going to be able to say “no” to money – after all, if its good for the “economy” then its good for the people…
    But that is where we are: the buying and selling of human beings is again authorised by our civilization; this time along with the fabricating of human beings. And bringing the market into a full blown national and international lucrative and heartless business will forever stay on the US history books as being brought about by America’s first black president – … if you have a heart, this is a good moment to cry. After which we’ll get up and fight against this new injustice, with that same heart!

  2. The surrogacy industry, as it is misused by gay activists, imposes on the forthcoming children parents that they probably would not, in actual practice even want! And where are the cousins and aunts and uncles that are a normal part of one’s extended family? And those who participate in this are totally shameless in their debasement of family, for the sake of money. You have to wonder at what further depths our society will drop to.

  3. I remember a time in the Church where we supported homosexuals, not in their sin, not in their lifestyle, but as human beings. Human beings who had been wounded by their sin so much that a evil, satanic disease was running rampant through their community, spread by the very sin they had been wounded by.

    That time died in 2004 for me. The political methods used surrounding gay marriage have forever tainted homosexuality in my mind as a selfish, reactionary materialistic philosophy, quite set apart from the understandable and very human struggle with same sex attraction.

  4. I try to. But when they self-identify as gay with the gay rights advocates, it makes it hard to tell the difference. Worse is when they use the same language and tactics as the gay rights advocates.