The Black Mass is a Seduction. Don’t be Seduced.

The Black Mass is a Seduction. Don’t be Seduced. August 6, 2014


I get that everyone is interested in the satanic black mass that is scheduled to happen next month in Oklahoma City.

Satan is real. I believe that. There is a malicious presence which attacks and tempts us to do horrific things, including hate the God Who made us in His own image.

The “black mass” is being advertised as a mockery of the real mass. The satanists claim that they have a consecrated Host that they are going to defile. They evidently even have a real live sex offender to do the honors.

Believe me, I “get” the symmetry of a sex offender, an assaulter and degrader of other humans and of the life force itself, “presiding” over a mockery of the mass in order to defile the Lord of all Life.

I’m there. I get it. I get it in aces and spades.

However, does anyone think that there is something new about defiling the Host? Have we all forgotten the atheist numbskulls who skulked their way into Catholic Churches to obtain consecrated Hosts in order to video themselves urinating on the hosts, flushing them down the toliet, driving nails into them and taking them to atheist conventions to be autographed by their atheist heroes? For a while there, YouTube was littered with the videos these folks made of themselves as they “performed” their act.

I grant you that this is not a deliberate calling up of Satan himself, but it was certainly a desecration.

As far as I’m concerned, every rape, every abortion, every act of egg harvesting, every time someone is subjected to medical murder by euthanasia, is a type of black mass. We are made in God’s image and this defilement of the humanity of human persons is also a defilement of Him.

Black masses, from what little bit I know about them, are a form of worship of the author of this destruction of human worth and value. These people don’t just do Satan’s work unaware like the atheist poseur videoing him or herself as they defile a consecrated Host in their bathroom, or the abortionist who thinks he or she is just performing a medical procedure, or even the rapist, who very well knows that what he is doing is evil to the core but somehow or other doesn’t think this evil defiles and damns him.

Nope. Your basic satanist calls out Satan on purpose, kneels down before him and then offers up the living Christ in a consecrated host for his mockery and defilement.

The real mass re-enacts Christ’s sacrifice at Calvary for our healing. Heaven touches earth in a real mass.

Satan’s mass tries to crucify Him again for real, in order to seduce us into wallowing in the pit of despair and damnation that Jesus lifts us out of. It is an attempt to bring hell out of the shadows and down off the television screens and catapult Satan without the disguises, Satan as himself, into our daily lives. This is a mirror image of heaven touching earth as it does in the real mass.

All this black smoke and slimy terror seduces a lot of people. It seduces them in much the same way that pornography and illicit drugs seduce, by rewarding at first with voyeuristic titillation.

My message to you is simple. Don’t be seduced.

Don’t be seduced by petty voyeurism and actually go near this slimy pit of defilement.

And don’t be seduced into feasting your prurient fantasies on the whole situation.

This is not a movie. There won’t be spinning heads and levitating beds.

This is a sex offender worshipping the malicious presence that enjoys sexual violence because of the degradation and pain it unleashes. This is an unrepentant sex offender worshipping at the only altar where his actions will be applauded. This is worship of death, pain, suffering and human destruction by defiling the Lord of Life and bending the knee to the author of death.

The symmetry is exquisite, in the same way that venom, dripping off a fang is exquisite. It is ugly as hate, revolting as a charnel house and black as annihilation.

Do not be seduced by this. Do not focus on it or give it your attention. Focus instead on the true meaning of the Eucharist in which we all are welcome to touch Him and be healed.

Pray to St Michael. Pray your Rosary. Go to mass.

Think on Christ and His sacrifice, and the salvation He offers. Bask in the light that shines in the darkness and do not let yourself be seduced by evil.

Also, don’t be afraid. Satan has already lost. He has been cast out of heaven. On Calvary, the lies he used to chain us to our destruction were broken forever. This black mass is an expression of hate directed at God through us. Its mockery is the spite of a loser who has already lost.

The fact that it is happening is, more than anything else, the culmination of all the little black masses we have allowed for decades in our society, each one pulling the door a bit wider to let the blackness through

We’ve been calling evil good and good evil at least since the Final Solution. We claim that wanton killing is a “right” bestowed on the killer in the name of “compassion.” Rape, which is a direct attack on the life force and on Our Lady who represents that life force, has been excused, promoted and used as entertainment since the curse of the Fall.

For decades now, sophisticated Christians have denied Satan’s existence. I’ve had more than one member of the clergy tut-tut at me because I say that Satan is real and active in our world today. Now, after decades of working through us to do his harm, Satan is pulling off the mask and coming out as himself.

Do not be seduced into thinking this is a side show or a form of entertainment. Do not be seduced into focusing on the evil of this mass instead of the great light that shines on us from Calvary.

Scriptures tell us in 2 Timothy, For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. 

Trust that spirit of power to uphold you, give free rein to the spirit of love and exercise your God-given spirit of self-discipline.

Instead of running in circles and giving Satan your attention and thought, do these things:

1. Go to confession. I mean that. GO TO CONFESSION. Treat this time as a little Lent and get yourself cleaned up.

2. Forgive your grudges. Again, I mean that. Forgive anyone you’re holding a grudge against, and that includes your ex-spouse and the guy who fired you. Do not give the devil a toehold in your heart by clinging to bad feelings about other people.

3. Pray the Rosary, the St Michael prayer and the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

4. Show up for those processions Archbishop Coakley has announced. Be there and participate. Show solidarity with our Church and Our Lord.

5. Go to the Holy Hour Archbishop Coakley also announced.

6. If you do not live in Oklahoma, join us spiritually by going to Confession and Adoration and praying the St Michael Chaplet.

7. Read the Bible. Every day.

8. Go to mass. If Satan thinks so highly of the Eucharist that he wants to defile it this way, it must be important. You are cheating yourself if you don’t partake of it.

9. Never forget: This black mass, with its mockery and sacrilege, is a public acknowledgment and a testimony of how life-saving and important the real mass and Eucharist really are.

You have before you life and death.

Choose life.

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35 responses to “The Black Mass is a Seduction. Don’t be Seduced.”

  1. Frankly I never heard of an atheist urinating on a host until reading it here. I know PG Myers threw one is a wastebasket ad tossed a banana peel on it, but that’s mild in comparison.

    At any rate, I don’t think either case is an example of defilement, because the perpetrators were not believers. To them the host was just a cracker.

    It was a joke — a silly one, but still a joke.

  2. Although the mockery and intent is digusting, I’m not worried that the host they will use is Jesus. He can withdraw His Presence at will, even from a consecrated host.

  3. There was a whole spate of this nonsense on the internet a couple of years back Linda. At least one of the people who did this were college professors.

  4. No, my sister. No no no.

    If that were so, then His real and physical presence would be not objective in terms of not only the physical reality, but in terms of His will which effected the change, and most paramount importantly, would not be freely given by Him — the gift is most precious because it is freely given ahead of time, ahead of use and abuse. The Lord Himself in giving the Eucharist to be abused does not let His own left hand know what his right hand does. That is His tissue, however He feels about it and however He feels about those receiving. It simply is. In the garden He foresaw these abusive eventualities and also while presiding over the last supper. But He did not build in an escape clause for Himself. Do you see? That would have diminished His supreme charity. There is no escape clause for Him when a consecrated host is abused in a public way, as here, nor in a private way, as in the constant unworthy reception by a percentage of Mass-goers, constantly, all around the world as it spins and the Masses are offered endlessly.

    God can theoretically do anything, but in this case He does not do this what you assert. His will is set against His own doing what you assert. Therefore what is against His will as it pertains to His own behavior is what is theoretically impossible. Thus what God can do is what God cannot do. But this is all I can say about that and about the Real Presence in this forum.

    If the OK host is consecrated, His body will be tortured there. He foresaw this and all the other times while in the garden.

  5. And yet, no doubt, the truly scary elements of a black mass will be edited out. No orgy, no blood sacrifices, no oaths to …

  6. PZ Myers was the college professor. It made a lot of news in the atheist community at the time – six years ago.

    Just for the record (and there is one), he did not urinate on the host. He threw it in the wastebasket with a rusty nail through it and coffee grounds and a banana peel – and some pages from the Koran and The God Delusion, to get across his message that nothing is sacred.

    I found the link quickly by googling: Myers professor banana peel host.

  7. Again, if one defiles what is objective, then it does not matter in the slightest whether the defiler is believer or not.

    God is objectively real. His created world is objectively real. His physical entrance into that world, the Incarnation, was objectively real. His constant physical re-entrance into that world at the moment of consecration is objectively real.

  8. One wonders if he would have the guts to choose his favorite person, as a baby, perhaps his own child, as a baby, and put a nail in him, covered in trash, and throw him into a bin, to prove that nothing is sacred, not even sweet human flesh, and the spirit within that flesh — no, not even deserving of humane and human respect. And thus the big lie against the Hypostatic Union: the Lord is a person, too, just as a beloved baby of one’s own is, and both have flesh, and both deserve to be treated with respect. But there we have how the atheist would never do this to a baby.

  9. Well, you may be right or I may be right or some other metaphysical occurance altogether make take place when they make their attempt. We don’t know. If He chooses to be present then all is as He wills it. If He chooses not to be, then that is His Will too. And His Will is good.

    The point I was trying to make is that the intent of what they are trying to do is what matters whether Jesus is actually present or not and we should be just as disgusted and vocal about it if they admitted they were using a plain host.

  10. After a half hour of googling various word combinations and derivatives of the words urine, host, communion, atheist and some other more colloquial terms, I found nothing
    about atheists or anyone urinating on the host, which I suspected, because I think that would have made pretty big
    news in the atheist blogosphere. If it’s out there somewhere, it’s pretty hidden.

    I did find one mention of TV actor Larry David accidentally urinating on a Bible in an episode of his TV show, but that’s not communion and it not real life.

    I thought was on to something when I found a very graphic video titled “Destruction, Mutilation, and Desecration of The Holy Eucharist” but it was made by a religious group (unnamed) that was against people who desecrate the host, without naming or showing anyone.

    I know there is a lot to disagree about and a lot of unkind words flying around between believers and non-believers, but I ask you to be more careful about checking the veracity of such extreme claims.

  11. How does one “accidentally urinate on the Bible?” Assuming, of course, that the “one” is over 5 and under 90. 🙂

  12. Just an introduction: Linda LaScola is a colleague of mine here at Patheos. She blogs on the atheist channel.

  13. I wouldn’t know — it was on a TV show, according to what I read on the web — I don’t know anything about Larry David and have never seen the show and don’t know if it usually has anything to do with religion.

  14. I think Larry David’s show was a comedy — and a funny one, if memory serves.

    The videos of atheists desecrating the hosts were taken down years ago. But I did google just now and immediately came across what was basically the whole set piece: skulk into a church pretending to be a member, get a host, then go home and video yourself desecrating it. When Catholics react with outrage, numerous atheist commenters attack them for being so “irrational.”

    The whole thing is crude, bullying and flat-out dishonest.

    Here is a sampling of links I found on the first page.

  15. I guess “desecrate” was the one key word I missed. At any rate, I watched all four videos, including the one that was 10 minutes long, and urinating on the host was not shown or mentioned anywhere.

  16. If I have an obsession it is about making sure that statements can be backed up with evidence. Please recall that you wrote in your blog post that atheists urinated on the host.

  17. Well … I pulled up a few more links, one talking about flushing a host down the toliet and another putting it with a condom, among other things. I couldn’t find anymore old YouTube videos. I had heard that they were wall removed, so I was surprised to find the ones I did.

    I remember seeing one on YouTube in which the person put a host into urine. I may not remember it correctly. I honestly think that’s what I saw.

    I decided to come back and add to this.

    What is indisputable is the bizarre behavior of atheists in going into churches under false pretenses and sneaking out with consecrated hosts in order to video themselves desecrating these hosts and then putting these videos on the internet. It is also not in dispute that, when Catholics were justifiably outraged, they were met with mockery and attacks from the larger atheist community.

    This is not, no matter the self-aggrandizing claims made by atheists, an exhibition of rationality. it is an exhibition of bullying, mocking, taunting and insulting other people simply because you disagree with them.

    It is a lot of ugly things, none of them admirable.

  18. what is disputable is that atheists urinated on the host, but it is stated in your blog as a fact.

  19. Linda, I deleted this comment at first, then reconsidered.

    I remember seeing a video mocking what was described as a consecrated by putting it in urine. I’ve slept a number of times since then, so I can’t say absolutely that I remember it correctly. I’ve read that the YouTube videos desecrating the Host were deleted en masse six years ago.

    The bullying, mocking, crude atheist behavior is not in question. These people took advantage of other people’s trust and pretended to be what they were not in order to obtain a consecrated Host. They then desecrated that Host for the specific purpose of mocking what other people hold sacred.

    I believe they did this because they wanted to inspire outrage. Then, when Catholics responded to this desecration of what they hold sacred with the outrage that the atheists were trying to inspire, the atheists mocked them for that.

    This behavior is manipulative to the core. There is no question that it happened.

    I honestly believe that what you are doing here is another atheist set piece. This set piece is the practice of going onto Christian blogs and hectoring the people there in order to divert attention from clear-cut atheist misbehavior, in this instance, in the matter of desecrating the Host.

  20. What is missing here is an acknowledgment that satanists clearly understand WHO the consecrated Host is – God, in the Second Person of the Trinity! That is precisely why the Catholic Church is the source of their hatred. The Catholic Church brings Truth, Jesus, to the world. The father of lies, Satan, is fighting that. When was the last time you heard of Satanists stealing some grape juice or crackers to mimic a protestant service?!?!?!

  21. Beloved in Christ, please forgive if I offend as I’m not good with words but first, Ms. Hamilton, perhaps RePresentation is a more appropriate term than re-enactment. Ms. (?) Nurse, I can’t improve on Guest’s (Dominican?) good teaching. I only know this, as I’ve seen, that for us He was bound, beaten and bruised, spat upon and mocked, scourged and lacerated, crowned with pain, crucified and pierced… He offers no resistance. I’m not one who knows true anger but when I think of how they wish to further denigrate our Lord I am deeply grieved. Yes, as Bishop Slattery said in his video address, Christ has already won victory. But for these we must pray. God bless you.

  22. I don’t think it was a bible unless there was another episode about Larry David accidentally going where he shouldn’t!

    Toilet water splashed on a picture of Jesus when Larry David was urinating. It made it appear that Jesus was crying. I thought it was funny.

  23. Please study theology, your thinking is leaning toward Protestantism. If St. Paul warned the Corinthians about the destructive nature of false communion, we should use our logic and see that God did not withhold His presence from those that committed sacrilege communion:

    “Therefore, whoever shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.” – 1 Corinthians 11:27

    Therefore, He would not withhold His presence from the desecration either.

    Did Jesus withhold His presence and came down from the Cross?

  24. Please study theology, your thinking is leaning toward Protestantism. If St. Paul warned the Corinthians about the destructive nature of false communion, we
    should use our logic and see that God did not withhold His presence from those
    that committed sacrilege communion:

    “Therefore, whoever
    shall eat this bread, or drink the chalice of the Lord unworthily, shall be
    guilty of the body and of the blood of the Lord.” – 1 Corinthians 11:27

    Therefore, He would not withhold His presence from the
    desecration of the Host either.

    Did Jesus withhold His
    presence and came down from the Cross?

  25. My understanding is that Jesus is present in the consecrated Host as long as it is “fit for human consumption”.
    The act of desecrating consecrated species in various ways at some point in each desecration makes the matter so desecrated no longer fit for human consumption. Consecrated Hosts retain certain properties of bread; in warm damp climates, they may suffer from mildew, for instance.
    Recognize that some who perform some of these acts of desecration may not be formal devil-worshipers, but rather atheists “making fun of” Christians in a sick way. Only God can judge the relative degrees of evil intent of participants in these actions.
    The warfare is spiritual. Our counter to this s/b spiritual as well – prayer, Stations of the Cross, Rosaries, visits to the Blessed Sacrament, and so on.
    Pray for the conversion of some of these. Consider them as suffering victims of attacks by the enemy in the Great War. We are trying to help by rescuing a few casualties of the battle who have not yet died.

  26. “PG Myers threw one is a wastebasket ad tossed a banana peel on it, but that’s mild in comparison.”

    Well that’s rich Linda. An atheist giving Catholic’s rating levels on types of desecration. Gee, thanks. Why are you so concerned about urine vs banana peels, rusty nails, etc. You seem to want to draw the line of acceptable insults at urine for some reason. In for a penny, in for a pound if it’s just a cracker, right? Pretty strange. But the bottom line is that the desire to disrespect at all is pretty sick stuff that you see as a joke.

  27. So then you would say it is OK to burn the Koran, right? A Christian would not do that, since it would be disrespecting another’s deeply held beliefs. And as decent people one should not disrespect each other, as “a joke”. But you say that atheists feel no compunction to extend this common human decency. So be it. We understand you better now. .

  28. “Nothing is sacred” – There you go. Thanks. That is the atheist view of the world. Such clarity is rare.

  29. Maybe you are remembering “P*ss Christ (1987) by Andres Serrano. A photo of a small plastic crucifix submerged in a glass of the artist’s alleged urine.”

    Pretty much the same thing as urinating on the eucharist, but obviously not exactly the same.

  30. No. I remember seeing a video of someone dunking what they said was a consecrated Host in urine. What I think I remember — and this was — what? 6 years or so ago, and I saw it once — was a young man who videoed himself going into a Catholic Church, attending mass, and then videoed himself doing things to it, including dunking it in what he said was urine.

    That was a long time ago, and the memory is far from crystal. I might be remembering more than one video, put together in my mind. I dunno.

    What I do know is that the fact of these deliberate desecrations of the Host and the mocking response to the outrage it created is indisputable.

    What I think is that this fixation on one detail is a way of obfuscating the larger fact. It’s an old tactic.

  31. Which is as transparent as glass and which probably explains the lack of a descending atheist horde sent over from Linda’s blog. I’ve noticed that’s one of their favorite tactics. Since I don’t troll the atheist channel, I have no idea if someone like Shea sends his minions over to counter attack as well.