Video from Inside ISIS: What They Think of Themselves.

Video from Inside ISIS: What They Think of Themselves. August 11, 2014

305087-e9a729cc-20f4-11e4-a212-44a8a3dd312bThey call themselves the Islamic State. This video from inside ISIS shows how they appear to themselves.

If you want to see what they actually are, go here. But be warned, these are horrific photos of satanic depravity. If you would like to see the story behind the photo at the top, go here.

To put this in perspective, read Elizabeth Scalia’s post on how our lack of faith cripples the West. 

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3 responses to “Video from Inside ISIS: What They Think of Themselves.”

  1. The new Nazi Youth movement. Does that little boy realize his hand gesture means ‘loser’?

    Yes, this is a war and satan leads this army. Will the Christian world step up to fight the enemy? The peaceful muslims certainly won’t.

  2. It’s like watching a Nazi party rally.

    But there’s another element. I also see shades of the middle class “revolutionaries” like Che Guevara. The largely foreign-born leaders of the Islamic state, are mostly bored, angry children of affluent parents who are looking to redeem their life through violence.

    History does not repeat, but it often rhymes.

  3. Those folks know what to say to turn children in their direction. Who is to tell those kids that what ISIS is saying is wrong? No one. Groups like that know to start from the ground up and turn children into future terrorists. Indoctrination I guess similar to what the Chinese government does, and (as mentioned below) the Nazi’s did as well as Russia (still does I think), and North Korea. I’m sure there are other countries who do the same thing. The problem with this indoctrination is it gets innocent folks killed on a large scale due to the need for power and to spread their religion.