Iraqi Ambassador to Holy See: ISIS Wants to Assassinate the Pope

Iraqi Ambassador to Holy See: ISIS Wants to Assassinate the Pope September 16, 2014


Iraq’s ambassador to the Holy See says that stories of ISIS’ plans to assassinate the Pope are credible.

My personal reaction is that of course they want to murder the pope. They are evil right down to the ground, their real god who animates all they do is satan himself, so of course they would like to murder Jesus Christ’s own Vicar in the world.

But we don’t have to guess about this. According to an article in the The Telegraph, ISIS has said in plain language that they want to extend their “caliphate” to Italy, and their goal is to “plant the flag of ISIS atop the St Peter’s Basilica.” After watching the sadistic manner in which the murderer of James Cawthorne Haines laid his hand on his shoulder before beheading him, I believe these people are capable of anything.

The murderer who appears in these videos reeks of evil. He gives it off like an ice cube gives off steam. As do the ISIS fighters in every photo and video I’ve seen. They are sadistic murderers who take pleasure in degrading their victims as much as they possibly can. One of those photos in particular — I won’t describe it — haunts me for the massive cruelty and utter degradation these scum subjected their victim to, both before and during her death.

Every time I think of ISIS, I think of that photo. Their actions are evil absolute.

So am I surprised to hear that the Iraqi ambassador to the Holy See has gone public with his warning that the Holy Father is in danger?

No. Given that the Holy See has publicly denied that there is a threat, I would guess that he felt honor bound to take the next step and speak out.

I don’t know how you are going to respond to this, but I will pray daily for Pope Francis’ safety.

From The Telegraph:

Pope Francis is at risk of an assassination attempt by the Islamic extremists of Isil, the Vatican has been warned, ahead of his first visit to a Muslim-majority country this weekend.

As the 77-year-old pontiff prepares to travel to Albania on Sunday for a one-day visit, Iraq’s ambassador to the Holy See said there were credible threats against the pontiff’s life.

The leader of the Roman Catholic Church could also be vulnerable when he travels to Turkey in November, the ambassador said.

Jihadists from Isil have in recent weeks boasted of wanting to extend their caliphate to Rome, the heart of Western Christendom, and have talked of planting the jihadist black flag on top of St Peter’s Basilica.

Habeeb Al Sadr said there were also indications of a more specific threat against Pope Francis, who recently spoke out in favour of the US and its allies halting the advance of Isil in Syria and Iraq.”What has been declared by the self-declared Islamic State is clear – they want to kill the Pope. The threats against the Pope are credible,” the ambassador told La Nazione, an Italian daily, on Tuesday.

“I believe they could try to kill him during one of his overseas trips or even in Rome. There are members of Isil who are not Arabs but Canadian, American, French, British, also Italians.”Isil could engage any of these to commit a terrorist attack in Europe.”The ambassador said the Pope had made himself a target by speaking out against the human rights abuses committed against Christians in Syria and Iraq, as well as by his approval of attempts by the US to try to roll back Isil.

“In cases like this, where there is an unjust aggression, then it is licit to halt the aggressor,” he said in an interview during his flight back from a visit to South Korea last month.”But I stress ‘halt’. I don’t say bomb, or make war, but rather stop him,” the Pope said.

The ambassador, who has been stationed in Rome for four years, said: “This band of criminals does not just issue threats – in Iraq they have already violated and destroyed some of the most sacred sites of the Shiite faith. They have struck at Yazidi and Christian places of worship. They have declared that whoever is not with them, is against them. Either convert or be killed. And they are doing it – it is a genocide.”

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13 responses to “Iraqi Ambassador to Holy See: ISIS Wants to Assassinate the Pope”

  1. I think it goes without saying that there is definitely a risk in the Pope traveling to the Turkish -Iraqi border. He and his planners know this. I suspect there will be extensive planning on security and that it will go beyond the “usual” security due to that risk. If that security failed, and he was hurt or killed, it would most certainly be a feather in ISIL’s cap and they would gain even more followers. I sincerely hope that all the security measures are airtight and impenetrable.

  2. The Vatican should have long since had the courage to openly condemn the US and its NATO allies for supporting and financing the fanatics in Syria and perhaps thing would never have got this bad.

  3. I do not like this bit of news one bit but I am aware he runs that risk wherever he goes. I remember St. JPII being shot, on a sunny day, in what we all thought was the safety of St. Peter’s square.

    Everyone! We’ve been warned so we need to really work our rosary beads more than before and not just for Papa Francis but for the security team and everyone else who will be traveling with him in the coming months.

    He is determined to go and I know he does not fear death but what about the rest of us?

    Holy Mother Mary! Please keep him safe under your holy mantle as he travels about!


  4. We all know that story…despite the warnings, our Lord Jesus Christ pressed onward for the sake of the glory that lay before him.

    Papa Francis will do the same.

    May God be with him!

  5. Now that we know this, security will be at its highest. All precautions will be taken. So I think it’s probably safe for him to go now! As long as the people protecting him are trustworthy.

  6. Those “pictures” mean NOTHING. This whole thing is a load of conspiracy horse manure. Ormond, this is really crazy. No, the US, UK, Israel, etc did not fund and form ISIS. It did not happen. Please, quit with the conspiracy theory nonsense. You are buying in to a Satanic mirage.
    St Michael, the Archangel, Defend Us in Battle!

  7. There is absolutely no doubt but that NATO countries and their regional allies funded sectarian violence in Syria to overthrow the state and that ISIS as a creature of NATO allies Qatar and Saudi Arabia were part of it only now that US interests in Iraq are threatened by ISIS do they bother to act. But you are free to believe what you want.

  8. Could you give some links to support what you’re saying? I’m not challenging you. I really would like to know more.

  9. Dear Hamiltonr The US administration is interlinked to the sectarian violence of Jabhat al Nusra and ISIS (both of whom are al-Qaeda factions) via their FSA (“Free” Syrian Army) proxy whom they have funded and supported. The secterian FSA has on multiple occasions worked with al-Qaeda. The work of these armed groups in Syria suited NATO as they were causing the State to collapse and if the state collapsed with would provide the window of opportunity for NATO working with their Gulf petro-dollar allies (principally Qatar and Saudi Arabia) to implant their own pro western administration in Syria via the group which NATO and the GCC created called the SNC (Syrian National Coalition). The SNC is a group of political dissidents and others outside of Syria some of whom have not lived in Syria for the last 30 years but were made the so called “legitimate” representatives of the Syrian people by some western governments, even though the vast majority of Syrians in the country do not accept them as representing the interests of the Syrian people. Here is a link to one example: in April last the leader of the SNC referred to the takeover, by rebels, of the Syrian Armenian Christian town of Kasab as a “liberation” when in fact all the resident fled and since then all the Churches, businesses and homes have been looted and burned by the FSA working with Jabhat al Nusra (al-Qaeda) Here is another example of the US Secretary of State telling lies at a press conference in September 2013 when he denies any connection between the destruction of Christians in Syrian and what had happened to Christians in Iraq since 2003 he made these remarks around the time the Syrian town of Maaloula (the world’s last Aramiac speaking Christian town) was attacked and destroyed and nuns there kidnapped by FSA and Jabhat la Nusra, Kerry even claimed that Alawites were responsible for attacks on minorities in Syria when it was actually the Sunni Islamic extremist factions that America and others were funding and supporting who were responsible here is a link to his remarks and information to show he is lying

  10. ISIS is only a name many of those fighting with that group were part of the Jabhat al Nusra previously and before that they were members of the NATO backed and trained “Free” Syrian Army (FSA) As the Syriac Catholic Patriarch of Antioch has said “We shristians were sold for oil” he als said that the US and the EU have lied.

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