Obama Meets with Eastern Christian Leaders. Hears of Plight of Persecuted Christians.

Obama Meets with Eastern Christian Leaders. Hears of Plight of Persecuted Christians. September 13, 2014

President Obama “dropped by” National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s meeting with Eastern Christian leaders for a forty-minute discussion about the Christian genocide in Iraq.

From Catholic News Service:

WASHINGTON (CNS) — Eight Eastern Christian leaders spent 40 minutes talking to President Barack Obama about the situation of Christians and other minorities in the Middle East.  “We felt how deeply moved he was by what was happening to the Christians there,” Lebanese Cardinal Bechara Rai, Maronite patriarch, said at a Mass later the same day at Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Catholic Church. The Sept. 11 Mass closed the three-day inaugural In Defense of Christians summit. A conference organizer told Catholic News Service

The cardinal said each of the leaders from Eastern Catholic and Orthodox rites had a chance to speak individually to Obama, who the White House said “dropped by National Security Advisor Susan Rice’s meeting at the White House.”

Although the White House did not release details of the discussion, throughout the summit the Christian leaders spoke of the threat to Christians and other minorities posed by Islamic State militants, particularly in Iraq and Syria. Several said they were advocating religious freedom, an inherent right. They spoke of the need for local leaders and the international community to become involved in a solution because, as one Orthodox bishop said, “no one can possibly agree to a beheading.”A White House statement, read out near the end of the In Defense of Christians summit, said Obama reinforced the U.S. commitment to fight Islamic State militants and other groups that threaten the Middle East, as well as American personnel and interests in the region.

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8 responses to “Obama Meets with Eastern Christian Leaders. Hears of Plight of Persecuted Christians.”

  1. President Obama did mention the murdering of Christians(as well as others who have been killed by ISIL,) in his speech the other night. I’m glad he met with those leaders.

  2. Here is a rather disturbing report of the clerics at the meeting that I found when I went looking for the text of the “A White House statement, read out near the end of the In Defense of Christians summit,…”

    Could the anti-Israeli, pro-Hezbollah position of some of the clerics have more to do with having this meeting with Obama than meets the eye? Seems like nothing is ever truly as it seems on the surface these days. If supporting these clerics means supporting Hezbollah I’ll pass.

  3. …and then Obama and his people went into a private room and high-fived each other. This is the most shameless and repulsive display of public hypocrisy I have seen in my life, and I have witnessed Berlusconi in action.

  4. Now that a British aide worker has joined the 2 journalists that ISIL has brutally murdered by beheading, let’s hope that the talk that President Obama had with the above leaders was fruitful. The horror continues.

  5. Oregon Nurse, Israel has a history of overt discrimination against Christians in the area. If you visit with Christians from there, you will hear some startling stories. I generally support Israel, and I give them enormous latitude in what they must do to defend themselves against another holocaust. However, I do not support their discrimination of the Christians in their midst.

  6. Rebecca, I know what you say is true. They like American Christians in Israel fine but have great disdain for our Arab Christian brothers and sisters. Jews in general tend to dislike Christians, in my experience, anyway.
    Maybe if these leaders would be more respectful of Israel things would be different.

  7. If it didn’t happen, it might as well. Obama is the head of the Western political power. Information flows to him from all over the world. And the butchery of Mesopotamian Christians has been going for weeks, and I knew about it, and I AM FREAKING WELL NOT A PRESIDENT!!! Only after all the Mesopotamian Christians had either been turned to manure for Muslim gardens or to sex slaves for Muslim harems, when the atttention shifted to the unfortunate Yezidis (for whom I have nothing but sympathy), did Obama start talking about the plight of minorities. This is absolutely consistent with his behaviour to Christians in America..