Breaking: Oklahoma City Abortionist Dr Nareshkumar Patel Arrested

Breaking: Oklahoma City Abortionist Dr Nareshkumar Patel Arrested December 9, 2014

Dr Nareshkumar Patel was arrested this morning at his abortion clinic in Oklahoma City.

Dr Patel has had previous brushes with the law because he disposed of the bodies of babies he had aborted by putting them in a garbage bag and burning them in an open field. He also has been accused of raping his patients.

He was arrested this morning  as a result of an undercover operation by the office of Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scot Pruitt.

I have participated in a Forty Days for Life vigil outside Dr Patel’s clinic. It’s on a nice street in a quiet neighborhood. The surroundings are pleasant. You would never guess the grisly business that goes on behind clinic doors.

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35 responses to “Breaking: Oklahoma City Abortionist Dr Nareshkumar Patel Arrested”

  1. Yes, there is a REAL war on women. Not the bogus “war” discussed by Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the ever vile Debbie Wasserman-Schultz. The abuse of babies and women by the likes of Gosnell and Patel are truly gut wrenching.

    When will this STOP?!

  2. Most here know that I’m not against women’s choice until the 12th week. After that, no. This man deserves the maximum punishment the law can give.

    • Why can’t a woman make choices after the 12th week? Making choices is something we all get to do, all the time. Oh, wait. I see. you mean abortion but you did not dare mention the word. I wonder why that is?

      • No problem. A woman should be able to decide before the 1st trimester is over whether to have an abortion or not. Happy? I expected a person reading my comment would know what I was talking about.

    • There is a regular contributor a self described atheist who is not sure about his atheism and exploring Catholicism on Strange Notions, and a phd in physics who believes the same thing that up to 12 weeks ok but after it should be an actual crime, anyway just mentioning bc that is an interesting position as it is vehemently opposed by all the big abortion advocates in the world and pro-lifers alike and it’s always strange to meet an atheist (not that you are i don’t know) who is not 100% pro-abortion at anytime.

      • And your point is? As to my “beliefs”? I do not consider myself an atheist—nor do I consider myself a Christian. It’s complicated.

        • My point is that it is a very interesting position in that both pro life and pro abort vehemently disagree with 12 weeks; can you imagine hilary clinton proposing to limit abortion to 12 weeks? the country would blow up. Also fascinating that it comes from a non-christian perspective in that in my experience by far most non-christians see no issues with abortion past 20 weeks and think that if you do you are only trying to “impose your irrational religious views on women”.

          No i know you’re not either one of those as your name implies.

            • I had no idea that states were allowed to do that; i thought roe made limits before 20 weeks unconstitutional.

              How do you feel about aborting only bc the baby’s a girl before 12 weeks, say 6? Just curious.

          • “Women have choices, it begins before the bed”. Tell that to a raped women who ends up pregnant from the violation, or a woman whose husband is an abuser. Or the young girl who is impregnated by a family member. One of the women in my family (by marriage) was abused by her husband and had no choice “before bed”. She had an abortion because he threatened to kill her if she didn’t. YES, women have a choice as to whether to stay pregnant or not. I stick by my 12 week time frame.

            • Ps, two things stand out to me in your argument. First, you are extending all policy making to the most difficult cases. That is not good public policy, is very poor medical standard and is bad for the women involved.
              Second, abortion did not solve the problems of the women you mentioned. I could and will, if you like, quote women who have had children after rape with no regrets for the children. Lots for the assault they lived through, but they love their children.
              Your relative was abused by her husband, then abused again in the abortion. She needed help and a defense. Same for the young girl abused by a family member. There are resources for all these women, but I do not think any of those cases was saved by abortion. Instead it continued the abuse.

              • I totally understand that there are resources for women. I am glad they are there, but even with those options available, not all women want to take advantage of them. Obviously not all women are in the circumstances I mentioned. Most of my comment was directed to Tina Gross who feels that a woman should think before having sex, or “going to bed” as she put it. My examples were of those who had no choice. The family member finally got the courage to leave him, and has to my knowledge, never regretted her decision. Actually, of the women I have known, none have regretted the decision. I do not encourage abortions, I do however, still feel a woman should have the option to obtain one if she feels it is the only solution for her.

            • so kill the baby is the answer? that really gets back at the rapist….said no one ever. You can hate the rapist all you like, but killing the innocent baby is never an answer. That’s where your logic dies…if you want to give it up for an adoption, THAT’S a solution. Why become a part of the horrificness of rape, etc, by murdering the innocent child?

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