Former Abortionist Describes Abortion Procedure

Former Abortionist Describes Abortion Procedure December 10, 2014


Dr Anthony Levatino is an Ob-Gyn who, earlier in his career, performed 1200 elective abortions, including 200 second trimester abortions.

He has converted from being an abortionist to being pro life. His commitment to life has led him to the brave act of stepping forward and speaking out about his own actions in order to educate people about abortion.

This is very important. One reason lawmakers are so easily confused and bamboozled on this issue is that they do not understand what abortion is or what it entails. Lawmakers — as well as much of the general public — seem to think that abortion is some sort of magical rewind which just poof! makes women unpregnant. They seem to think that abortion is an undoing of events that renders the baby nonexistent.

That fantasy gives those who promote abortion and who attack pro life legislation the opening they need. For instance, pro abortionists oppose laws that require doctors to give women the option of seeing their baby on an ultrasound before the abortion. They claim that, since the laws often require a transvaginal ultrasound, that this is “rape by instrumentation.”

Dr Levatino’s testimony makes a hash of this nonsense by the simple means of describing in detail what happens during an abortion.

That particular lie of calling an ultrasound rape by instrumentation infuriates me more than most because I was the author of Oklahoma’s law making rape by instrumentation a crime. Before I passed that law, rape by instrumentation was not illegal except as simple assault in Oklahoma. I was the one who made this horrifically damaging barbarity that is sometimes done to rape victims a form of sexual assault and who allowed law enforcement to send those who do it to prison.

Then, later, I was confronted with people that I regarded as absolute fools, claiming that an ultrasound was the same thing as rape by instrumentation. There were only a couple of things that happened to me in all my years in office that offended me as deeply as this did.

I kept asking people Don’t you know what abortion is? Do you have any idea how abortions are performed?

The public and legislative ignorance allowed them to think that abortion was an ez pz deal in which the doctor more or less waves a wand and the woman is unpregnant. In truth, surgical abortion is an invasive and painful surgical procedure, that is performed these days with an ultrasound to guide the doctor as he dismembers the baby. If people actually believe that an ultrasound is the same as rape by instrumentation, I have no idea what they might consider a full-on abortion to be.

Dr Levatino’s testimony exposes those kinds of lies about abortion for the fantastical nonsense that they are. It also makes clear that each abortion kills a living child. He addresses a third issue which has been worn thin. That is the lie that late-term abortions are necessary to preserve women’s health and save their lives.

He says what I’ve been saying all along: There is no medical reason for a late-term abortion. It would be far safer for the woman to just deliver the baby than to do an abortion.

I’m grateful to Dr levatino for his courage in giving this testimony. He could have chosen to sweep his past under the rug and go on about his life. He could have stayed silent. What he did instead was speak for life in the way that only those who have previously spoken and acted for death can do. He can tell us the stark truth about abortion.

Dr Levatino gave the testimony in this video quite a while back, but it is still well worth the watch.

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5 responses to “Former Abortionist Describes Abortion Procedure”

  1. What does that T-shirt behind him read? I see only “Yo Apoyo A Planned Parenthood”, and since I don’t speak whatever language Apoyo is a word in, I’m not sure whether somebody is protesting him as he’s speaking or not.

  2. “One reason lawmakers are so easily confused and bamboozled on this issue is that they do not understand what abortion is or what it entails.”
    They do know. They play dumb. Educated people in this day and age know that you have to kill and dismember the child in order to complete the abortion.
    God bless Dr. Levantino for his change of heart and then his pro-life activism.

  3. “He says what I’ve been saying all along: There is no medical reason for a late-term abortion. It would be far safer for the woman to just deliver the baby than to do an abortion.”

    This has been my point for a long time and it always puzzles me why some ppl seem to prefer abortion to just giving birth early; maybe it has to do with ignorance of the principle of double effect.

    But even with that case in was it El Salvador? in which that young girl aged maybe 14 was pregnant as a result of rape and the baby was threatening to overload her heart and kill her, the pro aborts wanted the baby killed whereas the bishops simply said let’s try to treat both but once things get uncertain let’s perform a c-section and try to save the baby’s life and stabilize the mother – gee what a novel idea i thought, why not try to save both and if the baby dies in the process well at least you didn’t kill it you tried to save its life.

    I’ve never understood why inducing labor or doing a c-section is not preferable to killing the baby with chemicals in the mother’s womb.

  4. I don’t speak Spanish, but it wasn’t hard to figure out that was the language. A quick ask of Google will tell you that apoyo means support, so the shirt reads as ‘I Support Planned Parenthood’. Not sure how you can characterize quietly wearing a shirt to a public proceeding as protesting, but whatever.

  5. It means I Help ( or support) Planned Parenthood. Spanish. They have abortion clinics in Latino neighborhoods on purpose.