President Obama is an Idiot 2

President Obama is an Idiot 2 December 12, 2014


I don’t know that I’ve ever used a title that provoked such comment as when I put “President Obama is an Idiot” at the top of a post about his idiotic lawsuit against the Little Sisters of the Poor.

I’ve been huzzahed and tsk, tsked, accused of being a racist and told that I really need to learn how to address my betters. I’ve gotten the full blast of self-righteous, sanctimonious how could you say that??? from people who engage in vendettas, personal attacks, character assassination and name calling as their ordinary means of discussion.

It was one of the most obvious cases of pot and kettle disowning projection I’ve witnessed in my young life. And I spent 18 years in the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

To be honest, it reminded me of Aunt Pitty Pat, reaching for her smelling salts.

All this approbation and excoriation seems to fall (surprise!) along party and ideological lines. If, say, I had written a post called W an idiot, I rather imagine the applauders and the outraged would have switched sides.

The one point of attack that had validity was the simple one based on the fact that I so often call other people down for name calling. I’ve made a big point of not allowing name-calling on this blog, and then here I go, calling someone an “Idiot” in a title. What gives?

I made an exception to my own rule in the case of our president going to court with the Little Sisters of the Poor because any politician, much less the president of the United States, who would do such a totally idiotic thing, is, well, behaving like a political idiot.

From the viewpoint of governance, politics, justice, proportion and common sense going forward with this lawsuit is idiotic.

We are talking about the president of the United States. This is the man who has told us that he’s “got a phone and pen” and he can pretty much govern as a reigning elected monarch from the Oval Office. Congress, (speaking of idiots) to this man is a cypher. He’s the Prez; he’s cool and he rules.

We are discussing the man who has his finger on the nuclear button. He can, with a whim, kill every single thing on this planet. He can melt the mountains down to glass, burn the forests to ash, boil the oceans dry and leave this sweet blue globe a smoking cinder.

He can order troops into any corner of the planet, send the bombers and reduce any city, any nation, any spot to rubble in a matter of hours.

And he’s decided to go mano y mano with the Little Sisters of the Poor.

I said he was an idiot for doing this. I kind of regret that. I think it was too mild.

How stupid does a politician have to be to get into a fight with a bunch of elderly nuns who don’t want to be involved in supplying contraceptives and abortifacients? He’s the most powerful man in the world and he’s maneuvered himself into a lose/lose fight with, of all people, The Little Sisters of the Poor? 

Idiot? Oh yeah.

Because, you see, all this power that President Obama wields, every single smidge of it, comes from we the people. We put him in power.

When the day comes that an American cannot call a president — any president — an idiot, then we’re in big trouble. That’s what we do in this country, and it’s a fine thing. President Obama may be able to melt the mountains down to glass and legislate with his mighty pen. But he’s still a sitting duck for we the people and our right to whittle him down to normal-sized anytime we chose.

So far as I can remember, every president I’ve ever lived under has been called an idiot by somebody. Also, every president I can remember has been called a Communist. And most of them were likened to the Anti-Christ. Is President Obama more disrespected than other presidents? I don’t think so.

I’m old enough to remember thousands of people marching in the streets chanting Hey, Hey LBJ, How Many Kids Did You Kill Today?

I remember Richard Nixon, otherwise known as Tricky Dicky.

And President Clinton, who was Slick Willy.

I’m not old enough to remember Franklin Roosevelt, who was a “traitor to his class,” Thomas Jefferson who was a “destroyer of civil liberties,” or Andrew Jackson who was a “whoremonger.”

I don’t like name-calling, and I do not usually allow it on this blog. But, I would defend without reservation the right of any American to call their president one of these names and a whole lot worse.

President Obama is the Prez. Being called an idiot isn’t specifically named in the Constitution as part of his job description, but the set-up for it is right there at the top of the list in the Bill of Rights. First rattle out of the box, we were given the right to have our say, petition our government, engage in free assembly and (enter the Little Sisters of the Poor, stage left) freely exercise our religious beliefs without government interference.

That’s what has made us who we are. It is who we are.

I was in Taiwan a few years ago with a group of Americans and a high-ranking Taiwanese guide. The Taiwanese man shepherded groups of people from many nations through Taiwan on official visits. Our little group was hard to keep corralled. We kept going off on our own in different directions. At one point, when our guide was particularly exasperated because of this, I said, “I suppose this happens with every group.”

“No,” he answered, “just Americans.”

That’s us. That’s us right down to the ground. We’re so accustomed to doing whatever we want, going wherever we please, saying whatever we think that we stand out among groups from many nations in this regard.

I hope and pray that never changes.

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42 responses to “President Obama is an Idiot 2”

  1. Have to admit I was surprised to see the headline. Esp after being told that President Obama is the most intelligent person in the room, any room, maybe ever in history. That is a close paraphrase of one of the President’s closest advisor.
    I think you are right, though. If there is somebody you do not want to have sue you, it is the Little Sisters of anybody, especially not the Poor.
    I’m glad we are not like Thailand where criticizing the king will get you thrown in jail.

  2. If one could come up with a better term than “idiot” I would apply it to those who refuse to do what Notre Dame did. Sign the statement that, as a Catholic organization, they cannot cover contraception.

  3. Notre Dame vs the LIttle Sisters of the Poor. Now there’s an example of something. The little nuns stand and fight. The big bad Jesuits turn and run. Lotsa thoughts there.

    All you’re saying, btw, is that you prefer cowardly Christians who will collude with the world in selling out their faith as opposed to gutsy Christians who stand by their beliefs under pressure. Once again, we have the big bad Jesuits of Notre Dame vs the Little Sisters of the Poor.

  4. Notre Dame is an excellent Catholic university. That they are not in a spiritual war with the world but working to make the world a better place for all people of all faiths should not be conflated with cowardice.

  5. “…but eventually gave Caesar his pinch of incense.”

    It’s funny the attitude that people have to a requirement that employees get the best health insurance they can and be given a coverage for something that has been covered by plans for no additional cost to the employer and often with the employer not even aware that it is included. Employers have to go out of their way to make sure their employees are not covered.

  6. FW Ken,

    There is a compelling government interest in including contraception in a national healthcare program. The reason insurance companies have been covering contraceptives (to the point that some employers and schools already were covered before the Affordable Care Act was even passed and are going through great lengths to make sure their employees and students will NOT be covered) is that it is a win-win for both sides. The employee gets the contraception and the insurance company pays out less claims that would be caused by unwanted pregnancies and added dependents.

  7. Every president in my lifetime has been significantly worse than the one before. And as idiotic as W Bush and Obama have been, I do not expect that we are anywhere near the bottom of the barrel yet.

  8. Sclrhmnst, visita to the obgyn are covered. That’s the expensive part. Pay for your own contraceptives. Abortion was not even covered by the USGovt for a long time and won’t be again, probably.

  9. Sclr, ND, named for Our Lady, ceased to be Catholic a long time ago.
    Btw, Rebecca, it isn’t Jesuit. That’s Georgetown. ND was founded by CSC fathers. Just isn’t Catholic anymore.
    We have 3 enemies, the world, the flesh and the devil. What you advocate and what ND did is cooperate with all three.

  10. I don’t believe in the devil. I do believe we need discipline to curb the blind unreasoning desires of the flesh. To make the world your enemy would make you a sociopath.

  11. “Pay for your own contraceptives.”

    Are you aware that contraceptives are included on most plans at no additional premium? Nobody has to pay for it.

  12. In the secular sense, I think all these schools excel. Where some of them are failing is as the leaven of the Kingdom.

  13. I am sure he is, by the standards of the world and of liberal theologians who think the purpose of the Church is to be a NGO serving the poor and have nothing to do with Christ or fighting sin.

    All I ever hear from Jesuits is how we need to tolerate and condone sin. I’ve even had a few argue to my face that abortion, divorce, and homosexuality are good and therefore should be encouraged.

  14. “As there are laws that govern the body so there are laws–in particular the moral law–which govern the soul. The moral law is no more made by man, or dependent on the approval of man, or in any way escapable by man than the material law. Man can ignore the moral law as he can ignore the material law, but the result in both cases is his own diminution or destruction. There is no freedom from the moral law: but as with the material law there is freedom within it, the only freedom possible to man. And a condition of this freedom is the same as in the other case–namely, knowledge of what the law is.”
    Frank Sheed, The Way of Life

  15. SH, Nothing is free! It all costs something. Saying, “it’s included,” means you are paying for it, probably much more than if you paid out of pocket. I do not understand how people think anything an insurance company pays for can be free.
    Contraceptives are not free. They have a monetary, physical, spiritual, emotional and social cost.

  16. SH, the government of the People’s Republic of China agrees with you. In fact, they could have written your comment.

  17. You state as if it is fact that there is a compelling government interest in including contraception in a national health care program. What, pray tell, would that “compelling government interest” be? Hint: The fact that the government does a thing is not reason to conclude that it’s a compelling government interest.

  18. What you are saying may or may not be true, but if it is true, then there is absolutely no reason for the government to require and enforce the requirement for health insurance to do what it is already doing. To use a phrase you employed in another comment, there is no compelling government interest to require a bunch of elderly nuns to buy or be part of buying contraceptives. This is massive govt force for its own sake, employed in violation of long-held religious belief by the largest denomination in the country.

  19. The insurance company saves money by people using contraceptives because it means less claims for pregnancies and dependents. So, yes, in terms of paying for insurance, it is the same cost (or maybe even more) with the coverage as without it. People can always decide not to take advantage of the added coverage if they find that it violates their conscience or religion or if they have health and safety concerns.

  20. I know of no moral law prohibiting contraception. I don’t recognize the rules of the Catholic Church as being applicable to anyone but Catholics. I’m a secularist. I am not governed by any religion.

  21. “All I ever hear from Jesuits is how we need to tolerate and condone sin.”

    If you change “sin” to acts that seem to be contrary to Church teaching, I an agree with you. I know they do that.

  22. Fine. But the HHS Mandate uses government force to apply secularist “rules” to the Church. That is a clear violation of the First Amendment.

  23. Just for the record, you self-identify as an atheist in other comments elsewhere. I am assuming that you are atheist and that your statements about “the creator” and such are a ruse of sorts.

  24. I acknowledge the intelligence behind all this (what we call creation). However, since a god is, for the most part, a made up being like Zeus, Jupiter, etc. and to take it a step further, I put the Hebrew god in that same category, I can say I don’t believe in any gods including your God.

    I do believe in the First Cause, but where Aquinas assumed it to be the Catholic God, I refrain from making any assumptions about it but I do call it the Creator, for lack of a better term. That really makes me a deist but I am an atheist to most theists and a theist to most atheists. I prefer to be thought of as a secular humanist.

  25. Which makes it entirely logical that insurance companies might put money into advocacy groups for euthanasia. I’ve been told that this happened when the euthanasia law passed in Oregon, but I’ve never checked it out. Does anyone know more?

  26. Are you saying that the government should not allow citizens to decide for themselves how many children to have? How is this a legitimate function of a legitimate government?

  27. Ken,

    The insurance companies are in this for the money. Covering contraceptives is a wise business decision. That’s all.

  28. Why should The Chinese government have anything to say about how many children are in a family? The Chinese are facing huge demographic problems from killing little girls and forced abortions. Are you really such an elitist, socialist you cannot see that?

  29. SH, whether you acknowledge it or not, you are governed by physical laws like gravity. If you ignore it and jump off a 20 story building the law of gravity still is in effect and you will suffer the consequences. In the same way if you ignore moral law, moral law will still have an effect whether you believe in it or not.
    We are seeing blindness to moral law and the effects on society right now.

  30. We would never limit the number of children families have the way China does. I don’t know what we would do if we had China’s problem. People are complaining about the HHS mandate but at least we can choose whether or not we will use contraceptives.

  31. No one is requiring you to agree. John Wayne Gacy said “I never killed anybody. I just took out the trash.” He didn’t agree that he was a murderer.

    In things like the deliberate killing innocents, agreement doesn’t enter into it.

    Agree. Disagree. It doesn’t matter. You are still advocating the deliberate killing of a whole class of innocent people, and you are trying to base that not the highly changeable and entirely subjective standard of judicial case law.

  32. Not true. This is a hot topic in many legislatures today, precisely because the insurance companies do not want to provide this coverage.