Charlie Hebdo Roundup

Charlie Hebdo Roundup January 8, 2015


Book cover photo from Amazon

Some days, the news speaks for itself. 

This is a roundup of stories about and reactions to the terrorist attack on the Paris newspaper Charlie Hebdo yesterday. 

Charlie Hebdo Attack: Man Turns Himself In, Two Brothers Still Sought. 

French Police Converge on small town after Paris attack suspects seen

The Pen vs the Gun

#JeSuisCharlie — Will Clemency and Kindness Prevail over Extremism? 

Muslims segregated from French society in growing Islamist mini-states

Charlie Hebdo and a Broken Europe    … France faces rising tide of Islamophobia 

Charlie Hebdo Enrages French Catholics 

Charlie Hebdo’s history of challenging and angering fundamentalists

Dante: Mohammed in Hell

See Covers Published by Charlie Hebdo

Charlie Hebdo’s Muslim Cartoons

Charlie Hebdo’s Mysterious last tweet before the attack

The author on Charlie Hebdo’s latest cover imagined a France under Islamist rule

‘Islamophobic’ Michel Houellebecq book featured by charlie Hebdo published today.  I don’t speak or read French, but I’m ordering the book, anyway; in support of free speech. 

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2 responses to “Charlie Hebdo Roundup”

  1. I don’t understand the current obsession in media, mostly, with the possibility of a “backlash” against Muslims. It is beyond understanding.
    If these murders were committed by neo-Nazis, nobody would worry about what other neo-Nazis thought. Of course it is a minority, but if they had murdered 12 people in the name of the Catholic Church, we would all near the burden.
    Really awful.

  2. All of the cartoons are in bad taste, some are really gross and some downright pornographic, almost reaching the level of the crucifix in urine, but not quite.
    But, I agree. Show them everywhere. Then, can people please learn that freedom is not the same as libertinism and that freedom is only present in responsibility and personal restraint?
    Probably not gonna happen, I know.