Terrorists Attack Paris Newspaper. Twelve Reported Dead.

Terrorists Attack Paris Newspaper. Twelve Reported Dead. January 7, 2015

Masked gunmen shouting Allah Akbar shot and killed 12 people and critically injured 4 others at a Paris newspaper earlier today.

Reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov and a rocket launcher, the attackers are said to have hijacked a car, run over a pedestrian and shot at police officers in their escape from the scene. Two police officers are reported to have been killed.

The target of the attack was a satirical publication called Charlie Hebdo, which in 2012 reprinted cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed that had created a furor when they were originally printed in a Danish publication. This week Charlie Hebdo featured the book “Soumission” by Nichel Houellebecq, which imagines a France that is ruled by an Islamic government.

President Francois Hollande called the attack, “An act of exceptional barbarism … against a newspaper, meaning (against) the expression of liberty.”

The White House condemned the attacks “in the strongest possible terms,” and British Prime Minister said in a tweet, “We stand with the French people in the fight against terror and defending the freedom of the press.”

From Ricochet:

If I sound incoherent, it’s because I am shaken. The reasons will be obvious.

I had no intention of reporting on this from the scene of the Charlie-Hebdo massacre. I was walking up Boulevard Richard Lenoir to meet a friend who lives in the neighborhood. But the moment I saw what I did, I knew for sure what had happened. A decade in Turkey teaches you that. That many ambulances, that many cops, that many journalists, and those kinds of faces can mean only one thing: a massive terrorist attack.

I also knew from the location just who’d been attacked: Charlie-Hebdo, the magazine known for many things, but, above all, for its fearlessness in publishing caricatures of Mohamed. They’d been firebombed for this in 2011, but their response — in effect — was the only one free men would ever consider: “As long as we’re alive, you’ll never shut us up.”

They are no longer alive. They managed to shut them up.

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10 responses to “Terrorists Attack Paris Newspaper. Twelve Reported Dead.”

  1. An interesting thought prompted by Fr. Longnecker’s piece on this topic:

    What if the standard punishment in a Catholic country for an Islamic terrorist was to be placed in jail, denied weapons, and given a Bible and a Catechism instead of a Koran, with time off every week for Mass?

  2. “Charlie Hebdo and its staff were no friends to anyone of belief.”

    I read Mr. McDonald’s article yesterday and agree with what he has to say. After further reflection, I am more convinced that if one is going to ridicule, blaspheme, and just plain disrespect a certain religion, well, you’ve just written you own death sentence.

    But…according to Mr. McDonald:

    What’s obvious is that these writers,editors, and cartoonists were able to offend Christians and Jews without any fear of reprisal.

    So true.

    It seems the MSM has not mentioned anything about the vulgarity of their work as Mr. McDonald did describe one cartoon that was beyond offensive regarding the Holy Trinity. I saw some of these folks interviewed and they were boldfaced, in-your-face, about their right to freedom of expression regardless of whom they offended.

    Well, then, as unfortunate as that is, if one puts one’s head on the chopping block of insulting others, beware of the risks/consequences that will be soon to come.

    May our Lord Jesus Christ be merciful and just towards these folks who were murdered.

  3. What can one say? Again an attempt to stop freedom of the press. This paper, if I understand from what I’ve read and heard, published satire on not just the Muslim faith but all religions. People do not have to agree with the paper’s content, but they have the right to publish it. Hope the other 2 folks are found and taken to task legally for this gross act of terrorism. (as far as I know they are still looking for them). Don’t know if it will be possible, but I’d like to see the paper rise from these ashes and continue. Unfortunately it seems that all the folks who were killed were “the paper’. Time will tell if it is possible for someone to take over the reins. My heart goes out to all the families of the victims.

  4. They did not deserve to be killed for what they published. No one forced a person to read or look at that paper. Freedom of the press is something that shouldn’t be restricted. If I understand, many countries still do that. Censorship is not a good thing. History has proven that.

  5. It would seem as unacceptable as it would be for an Islamic country to place Christians convicted of blasphemy against the prophet in jail, give them a Koran instead of a Bible, with time off every Friday for the Jumu’ah.

  6. Who said anything about deserving to be killed? If one puts himself out there for the sake of freedom of speech or expression there will always be consequences.

    Sadly, these folks paid the ultimate price.

  7. Yes, they put themselves out there. That takes a certain amount of courage, considering they didn’t back down after a previous attack in 2011. Have a feeling that just made the magazine folks more determined. The terrorists that did this want to make folks back down from dong things they disagree with. I’m most certainly not glad all those people are dead, but they didn’t back down, even with the threats.

  8. They already do pretty much that in Iran, in case you haven’t noticed and in Saudi. But, like Ken says, chained to a wall till they are executed.

  9. That was rather my point: most Christians seem to consider it morally depraved when the Iranians and Saudis do pretty much just that; and thus it would seem equivalently depraved for Catholics or other Christians to act similarly.