Newest Charlie Hebdo Makes Fun of the Pope

Newest Charlie Hebdo Makes Fun of the Pope January 20, 2015
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.
Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons. Public Domain.

The newest issue of Charlie Hebdo makes fun of the Pope.

I doubt that the editorial staff is worried about a violent response to this. After all, they’ve already printed quite a number of issues mocking and otherwise attacking the Catholic Church.

I found this clip from the movie The Robe. It dramatizes the way that Christians respond to these things. The Robe is fiction, but the fact of Christian faithfulness, even to death, is how the message of the cross has spread around the world and is growing today.

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9 responses to “Newest Charlie Hebdo Makes Fun of the Pope”

  1. The magazine is satirical, as everyone knows. It makes fun or satirizes all faiths and I assume other things besides religion as well. IMO they have the freedom to do so. People who know they will be upset by that publication don’t have to purchase it. That is a freedom also, to not support it by purchasing a copy. If people stopped buying it, they would soon go out of business.

  2. Someone else on Pathos described the CH as “religious pornography.” I would agree especially after some of the descriptions given.

  3. That’s the problem with Charlie Hebdo – from what I have seen of it, it hardly ever moves beyond pure mockery. Mockery it prefers to make as vulgar as possible.

    Which removes it quite some distance from Voltaire – the figure that some claim Hebdo is the heir to. The staff is/was mostly older 1968’ers – and they’ve been in re-runs for a long time.

  4. The editor of CH, who was in London at the time of the attack, was on one of the Sunday shows. He said the purpose of CH is to be secular because France is secular. You can worship if you want but that’s private.
    They ridicule politicians, too, but save their special mockery for the Catholic Church, and now, Islam.
    He seemed to assume he should be protected from any harm while he insults everyone else’s personal beliefs and values. I am NOT saying that terrorist murder of the staff was in any way justifiable. We are in an existential struggle with Islam, a religion that condones force and murder of those who disagree, even when some Muslims do not. People like the editor need to realize that there is a cost in this struggle and that cost is not only going to be paid by people like my son and his Marine comrades.

  5. Yes, Mark used the term but if I had it in me to tell you why, you too would be insulted and wonder how such folks think they can ridicule and mock our Catholic faith.
    Anne G said it best.

  6. Hi Ken,
    Hope you get this. I replied to you on Crux but my comment was flagged. Weird…anyway it is in response to your comment regarding the incidents in Nigeria regarding the CH folks and the offended Muslim parties doing all the wreckage as a result on the Christian communities.

    When I read it, I was not at all surprised. It seems that in Russian, protests are taking place as well due to good ‘ol CH provoking folks. The Chechen Muslim community is giving the Russians some trouble. Putin warned against CH a few days back and I understand why now.

    If you visit the website you will get what is lacking in the West that passes for news these days. ^^