Ascension Press: Following Jesus to the Priesthood

Ascension Press: Following Jesus to the Priesthood February 10, 2015
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by VISION Vocation Guide
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by VISION Vocation Guide

Ascension Press has released the beautiful video below to encourage young men to consider the priesthood. I am drawn to the raw honesty of these young men’s testimony. It also appeals to me that this is a video about vocation to the priesthood that focuses on God, instead of us.

Too much of our discussion about vocations focuses on attacks on the liturgy, women in the Church and other things that are supposed to make us more worthy of God. That leads to blaming, attacking and limiting one another. It creates self-righteousness and hurtful behavior that drives people away from Jesus rather than drawing them to Him.

Vocation to the priesthood really is about God and His call. We need to trust Him more and our prejudices and rages less.

Enjoy the video. It’s well worth the look.

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2 responses to “Ascension Press: Following Jesus to the Priesthood”

  1. I watched the video last week on another website and was impressed by the beauty of it. The call to follow Christ is strong in many and I hope they will answer the call. I found myself remembering when I was called and the many times too, when I have failed, gotten lazy, and have fallen by the side road of life.

    My prayers to for all Priests/seminarians who strive to faithfulness, who go against the grain/world, and who are examples to us all on how to follow Jesus no matter what.

  2. Great video. We are entering a period when more good men will become priests. We lived through a bad period, where lots of men became priests for all the wrong reasons. Now we are seeing a renewal, when men will become priests for all the right reasons, and the effect will be great.

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