History of the Crusades: Islamic Spain was NOT the ‘Ornament of the World’

History of the Crusades: Islamic Spain was NOT the ‘Ornament of the World’ February 20, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by http://maps.bpl.org
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by http://maps.bpl.org

The version of the Crusades being pushed by the media and much of our educational bureaucracy is not history. It is propaganda.

The idea that Islamic Spain was an Edenic “Ornament of the World” is obvious nonsense. I say that it is obvious for two reasons: The treatment of Christian populations throughout the rest of the territories conquered by Muslim invaders belies it. Even more to the point, the long-term and desperate war that the Spanish people engaged in to repel these invaders would not have occurred if these stories of conquered bliss were true.

Current history about the Crusades is deliberate propaganda that is being used as a political and social tool to bash Christianity. It is a lie that is so endemic that we heard it recently coming out of the mouth of the president of the United States.

Its purpose is to weaken Christian witness and tar Christianity in order to advance certain social and political agendas that are antithetical to Christian teaching. There is a lot of money at stake in this in the form of federal funding for things like embryonic stem cell research and Planned Parenthood.

The federal grant-making industry is the major industry and source of monies in several of the most prosperous zip codes in this country. It also dominates our most prestigious institutions of higher learning. It is fair to say that grantsmanship, rather than education, has become many of these institutions’ primary purpose.

For these reasons, Christian bashing is not only a social/moral/political evil: It is big business. In fact, it is the only business of large enclaves of prosperity and privilege that, at least so far, appear to be protected from the vicissitudes of a declining economy.

It is ironic that this declining economy is mostly due to the exportation of America’s industrial base to a Communist country. The irony lies in the fact that many of the apologists for this destruction of American industry and American jobs came from those same institutions of higher learning who continue to draw down the lion’s share of federal grant monies.

Enabling and encouraging Christian bashing in order to weaken the one institution that has any motive or chance of successfully standing for the ordinary people of this country is a rather obvious tactic for those who make their money from the way things are. Teaching ahistorical propaganda about the  Crusades as history is just one slice of this poisoned pie.

Despite the failings of its followers, Christian teaching is inclusiveness and that inclusiveness always wins out in the end. Christianity is a revolutionary force that proclaims that all human beings are made in the likeness and image of God. Christianity taught humanity that there is no Greek nor Jew, male nor female, slave nor free. All are one in Christ Jesus. 

Everything — the end of slavery in the Western world, the ideals of human rights and the unique value of each individual human being, grew from that mustard seed.

A social order that is built on defining specific groups of people as not human enough and thus liable to be killed at will, that excludes almost the entire country from prosperity and that siphons the wealth of a great nation into itself while promoting ideas that impoverish and disenfranchise the larger citizenry will, by its very nature, be inimical to the true Gospels of Christ. More and more, our institutions, whether they are institutions of higher learning or business or government, are isolating themselves from the larger culture.

They seek to create a self-sustaining enclosed system of thought and funding that loops back on itself and is powered by federal money. What I’m saying is that these people only talk to one another. They reference one another. They have created a false history of the Crusades — among other things — to protect the money machine that shelters their cushy existence from ideological interference.

The greatest danger to this walled-in system of exclusion and privilege is free-ranging Christianity with its empowering respect for the human.


I am aware that there are Islamic teachings which lead to a more peaceful application of that faith. I think that the interpretation referenced here is an accurate depiction of of the application of Islamic teachings of 1400 years ago. It also seems that it is still relevant to Islamic extremists today.

I want to emphasize that this video discusses events which happened almost 1400 years ago. The reason I am posting it here is to correct the inaccurate  history of the Crusades which is being used in the popular media to attack and degrade Christians and Christianity.

Read more: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/publiccatholic/2015/02/history-of-the-crusades-muslim-conquest-of-christian-egypt-639-646/#ixzz3SIOIz3oD


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7 responses to “History of the Crusades: Islamic Spain was NOT the ‘Ornament of the World’”

  1. We are the first generation of Americans to leave the country stupider, more confused, and dumber than before. Only our generation eagerly spreads lies about our history. Previous generations had a sense of duty to the truth. We support whole institutions that lie to our children and sour them on life. Our universities have become anti-truth institutions, whose only goal is to twist history and facts to achieve their holy political ends. Only our generation consumes pornography like it is water. Only our generation inhales 50 shades of Grey and other filth. As the Western world ceases to reproduce, we have to wake up and realize we are committing societal suicide.

  2. You mean like Europe, America, Australia today? How are Muslims treated vs what’s happening in the Middle East? No need to go back a thousand years. Just look at the news.

  3. Really???? Then why all the push to attack the Catholic Church for its great political “power.”

    The fact remains — and is obvious — that Christians in Christian countries treat Muslim minorities vastly differently than Muslims treat Christians. Are you seriously going to argue that is not true????

  4. Where? Rome? Vienna, London, Constantinople? Alexandria? Jerusalem? I cannot figure out where you mean. Maybe Córdoba, Sevilla, Granada or Toledo?
    If you are talking about the Reconquista in Spain, we need to talk about history. And you need to watch the video.

  5. You know, you don’t have to ask Rebecca. All you have to do is look it up. The Crusader State of Jerusalem ruled over Muslims for two centuries, and any academic library will stock several histories of the Crusades as a whole and hundreds of more specialized books on such subjects as – yes – the position of Muslims in Crusader states. And you might find such surprising facts as that Muslim writers complained because Muslim peasants ps preferred to live under Crusader lords, because their law was more equitable. But that is not what you want to be told, and I bet that if you work hard enough you will find some anti-Catholic pamphleteer disguised as historian, such as for instance the notorious GC Coulton, to flatter your prejudices. For, to quote CS Lewis, all find what they truly seek.