Supreme Court Puts Texas Abortion Law on Hold

Supreme Court Puts Texas Abortion Law on Hold July 1, 2015

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by TipsTimesAdmin
Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons by TipsTimesAdmin

The United States Supreme Court has stopped implementation of a Texas abortion law that would require abortion clinics to provide the same safety standards for women seeking abortions as other outpatient surgery clinics are required to provide for their patients.

From The Texas Tribune:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday sided with Texas abortion providers and temporarily put on hold a ruling that would have closed 10 of the state’s 19 abortion facilities.

Abortion restrictions passed by the Texas Legislature in 2013 — and set to go into effect Wednesday — would have required Texas’ abortion facilities to meet hospital-like standards, including minimum sizes for rooms and doorways, pipelines for anesthesia and other infrastructure. The nine Texas abortion clinics that meet those standards are all in major metropolitan areas.

On June 9, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld most provisions of the state’s strict abortion law, and then denied a request from abortion providers to delay the implementation of the abortion restrictions until they appealed to the high court. Abortion providers then turned to the Supreme Court, asking it to intervene before the restrictions went into effect.

Attorneys for the abortion providers said that the Supreme Court’s order also blocked the state from enforcing a separate provision of the law that requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a hospital within 30 miles of an abortion clinic. The Supreme Court restored a lower court’s ruling striking down both provisions of the law statewide, the attorneys said.

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10 responses to “Supreme Court Puts Texas Abortion Law on Hold”

  1. Why wouldn’t abortion providers want their clients to have access to basic medical care? That is what this law requires.

  2. What a disrespectful creepy photo you led the article with. Nothing you have to say on this issue can be respected given your prurient childish attitudes as exhibited.

  3. No. The law provides unique regulation for abortion clinics that are not required regulation of other medical specialites far more dangerous like dentistry, plastic surgery, etc. which are often performed in provider’s offices.

  4. Do you honestly believe that abortion is less dangerous than pulling a tooth or putting in a dental crown? Abortion clinics are outpatient surgery centers. At the very least, the women who go there deserve an assurance that the health care they receive will be at that standard under the law.

  5. Do you honestly believe that abortion is less dangerous than pulling a tooth or putting in a dental crown?
    I do not believe it. I know it as a fact.

    ‘In a study published in the journal Contraception this year,Elizabeth Raymond, an ob-gyn and researcher with Gynuity Health Projects, a reproductive health technology research organization, compared mortality rates for abortion with mortality rates for other outpatient medical procedures. The results were striking. She found that abortion is less likely to result in death than outpatient plastic or dental surgery. Raymond also compared mortality rates for abortion with nonmedical activities and found that running a marathon is about as likely to result in death as having an abortion. The mortality rate for RAGBRAI, one of the country’s oldest bicycle races, was more than four times higher.’

  6. I was going to say exactly what Rebecca said. Plastic surgery is on the surface, that’s why they call it plastic. Same with dental. Anything more invasive is done in a hospital or surgicenter.
    Abortion is much more invasive and more dangerous than either of the above. There are many many complications.
    Women deserve care, not to be taken advantage of by greedy abortion providers.

  7. Obviously, an unbiased source. Have those findings been replicated by organizations that don’t have a dog in this fight?

  8. Of course, this could also be an issue of reporting as well. There is really no way of knowing whether hospitals and abortion providers are properly reporting deaths, especially since every attempt to establish legal standards is opposed as an attempt to interfere with this sacred right to kill babies.