If We Don’t Fight for Life, This Hunger for Annihilation Will Devour Us All

If We Don’t Fight for Life, This Hunger for Annihilation Will Devour Us All September 22, 2015


Copyright: Rebecca Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.
Copyright: Rebecca Hamilton. All Rights Reserved.

My near death experience with Mama pushed me to considering a nursing home.

I wrote about it, and about the ghastly business of passing laws legalizing medical murder, for the National Catholic Register. 

Here’s part of what I said:

I decided then that we had to put her in a nursing home. I despaired of our ability to keep her safe at home. I called the local Catholic nursing home, which I know is a really good place. But they are full-up. The waiting list stretches months ahead.

So, I found myself driving around this not-so-good nursing home and crying. I looked at other, nicer places, but the cost is out of sight. Three and four thousand dollars a month. And it goes up from there.

I made a list of ways we could make the not-so-good place work. I would, of course, be there every day. So would my kids and my husband. Hospice would be there on a regular basis, giving her baths, praying with her, checking her health. My parish would send people to visit. We could have folks checking on her several times a day.

Finally, yesterday afternoon, I asked the hospice social worker to make arrangements for me. I couldn’t face doing it myself.

Then, I got sick. I mean, I got physically ill. I thought I was going to throw up. I couldn’t think. Couldn’t cry. Couldn’t even pray. I played scales on the piano for hours, then played Tetris on my phone.

About 9 last night, I thought, “I can’t do this.”

Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/blog/rhamilton/if-we-dont-fight-for-life-this-hunger-for-annihilation-will-devour-us-all/#ixzz3mThBRCWm

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2 responses to “If We Don’t Fight for Life, This Hunger for Annihilation Will Devour Us All”

  1. God bless you, your mother and all your family.

    I volunteer in a Catholic Hospice, every Tuesday evening for 2 hours. I pray with the patients and bringing them Holy Communion. This hospice I volunteer at has over 400 volunteers! So I want you to know there are some really good places and really caring people involved in Hospice. Also, my parish just recently started a Ministry to the Sick, recruiting and training people to live out Matthew 25:35-36.