Cyber Official Confirms Russians Penetrated US Voter Systems Before 2016 Election

Cyber Official Confirms Russians Penetrated US Voter Systems Before 2016 Election February 7, 2018

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It appears that Russia did in fact successfully penetrate United States voter systems before the 2016 presidential election.

Among other things, this raises the urgent question of what we are going to do to keep this from happening again. One of my more misunderstood suggestions of late is that we simply go back to paper ballots. This would have the immediate effect of taking the election process off the grid.

Despite the fact that so many readers had a tough time wrapping their mind around that idea, I’m going to repeat it. The simplest, most direct, and most effective way to keep our election system from being hacked and manipulated by hostile foreign powers is to take it off the grid.

We somehow managed to conduct elections for 200 years without the internet. I think we can do it again. We need to consider going back to paper ballots.

Here are several news links confirming that the election boards were penetrated before the 2016 election.

Newsweek: Russians Successfully Hacked US Voter Systems Before 2016 Election,Top Official Says

NBC News: Russians Penetrated US Voter Systems, Says Top US Official

Fox News: Top DHS Official Says Russian Hackers Infiltrated US Voter Systems in 2016

The Hill: DHS Cyber Chief “Russia ‘Successfully Penetrated’ Some State Voter Rolls

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19 responses to “Cyber Official Confirms Russians Penetrated US Voter Systems Before 2016 Election”

  1. I am all for paper ballots, we use paper ballots in Oregon.

    It would certainly make it more expensive to commit voter fraud that way. Not impossible, many precincts voting Democratic had >100% turnout in the 2016 election, but it would make it harder.

  2. I am totally fine with paper ballots—-worked in the past and will work now! Little hard for a foreign country to get to them etc. I don’t remember just which Trump minion said that he felt we really weren’t able to stop the interference at this point in future elections. (midterms this year). I may be totally wrong, but I do remember hearing it on some broadcast. That is not a uplifting thought! PAPER, people. It works.

  3. There’s voter fraud, and then there’s a direct attack on our national sovereignty, democratic process and survival as a nation. Voter fraud is bad, and should be prosecuted. But an attack on this nation by a hostile foreign power (which is what happened in 2016) is an act of war. it is a threat to our survival as a nation and as a people. That’s why I keep hammering at it, Ted. I love this country.

  4. This is just a special case of voter fraud; Russians have become capitalist mercenaries.

    I no longer really love this country. I love my family, and my home, and my state, but the federal government has become so badly mismanaged and downright schizophrenic that it is hard to see the United States as a viable government anymore to begin with. We’re at a level of hedonism and immorality that a benevolent dictatorship would be actively better; it’s Trump’s worst campaign promise to provide that when in reality, the level of dysfunction in the government will prevent him or anybody else from doing so.

    I have lost faith in freedom and liberty and democracy- when given self rule, human beings become selfish to the point of harming their neighbors. When freed from moral structures, they don’t become better people, they become worse people. Progress has become regress to a horrifying extent, starting with, but by no means limited to, the genocide of the unwanted; they’re just the canary in the coal plant because they have zero defenses.

    Christ promised that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against the Church. But it is equally certain that an immoral civilization, one that has forgotten God, will fall.

    Nice experiment that constitution. Not possible to base a civilization on, however, without a strong central church and a common definition of morality.

  5. What exactly do they mean happened? “Hacked into voter registration” is vague. “Penetrated US Voter Systems” is even more vague. Did they create fake voters and then cast votes? Or did they identify voters and try to manipulate their vote? Or did they identify voters and try to provide false information to alter voter’s feelings? Right now I can’t take this seriously until it gets more specific. I’ve reached a point where the news has to have a high level of specificity before I give it credibility.

  6. What level of information would it take for you to decide that this country needs defending against cyber attacks into our electoral process? I’m really baffled by your reluctance to “take this seriously.” Is there some reason, other than you’re afraid it might redound on Trump? Me, I’m just not that in love with political parties. I care about my country. I also do not understand this refusal to take the safety of the country seriously. Have we been so sheltered for so long that we no longer understand that threats against our national sovereignty are real? Or, do you think the Russians are too pure to do such a thing?

  7. No. It’s not.

    But if you don’t understand the difference between a direct attack from a hostile government and some ward boss getting out of line, then ok. The lines of understanding are too far apart to make it worth discussing.

  8. Where did I say anything about Trump? Of course we get cyber attacks. We get them all the time, and not just from the Russians. The question is if our votes were physical altered, and unless there is something I missed in the last few weeks, the conclusion was that the Russians did not (or were not able to) alter the voting system. As far as I can tell our computer voting system was sound, and to alter it is a big expense for no reason. Those articles did not specify exactly what happened, and by doing so are contributing to the general cynicism that has been around us for the last I don’t know how many decades. It’s creating fodder for conspiracy theorists. I have a thing against conspiracy theorists, whether it has to do with those that claim we never landed on the moon, those that claim Obama wasn’t born in the US, or that Trump colluded with the Russians to rig the election.

  9. Ted, Ted ,Ted…..That experiment has been going on for over 200 years—-and as bad as it is now, have a little faith that it will continue. DT can’t last forever—and if we’re lucky Trump will be out of office for his transgressions very soon. As for Putin and friends? Let our FBI, CIA etc. handle them—-if can be done. This country has survived a lot—mistreating the Native Americans (still doing that), a Civil War, etc. We will survive DT and his minions—we just have to.

  10. At this point, all are hostile governments. Whether it is the genocidal maniacs pulling a coup, the Russians invading, or the international bankers makes little difference to the man in the street, all are equally bad.

    The Russians, it now appears, were bought and paid for by the Clinton Campaign- who ran the DNC into near bankruptcy with the payoffs.

  11. I think the ship sailed on the Constitution sometime in the 19th century. America is an empire now. Has been for a while. People don’t see it because…Democracy! Things could have gone differently. One wonders where it is all heading.

  12. I’m more worried about my personal information that got stolen by the Chinese, along with the info of several million other former and current federal employees.

    Someone in Beijing is probably thumbing through my character references like, is that the best he got?

    I would be worried about them borrowing money under my name, but in all likelihood I owe *them* thousands already due to my share in US the public debt, so….

  13. Are we back to that? 1973 set women free to not break the law when a very difficult decision presented itself. I know you don’t agree. However, there were tough times way before that—as I mentioned above—what would you call the Civil War, or the mistreatment of Native Americans? (that in itself was a form of genocide). How about the treatment of Black Americans, Irish Americans, Italian Americans, etc. Different immigrant groups went through discrimination for years. Was that wrong or is everything this country has wrong because of the 1973 Supreme Court decision? This post is about the Russians messing with our election….so what we are discussing is really off topic. Have a good day.

  14. Where did you find out the Clinton Campaign paid the Russians? News to me. Of course, we all know they killed President Kennedy. Right?

  15. More evidence and 13 indictments have been handed out to Russians. This is even more proof of Russian interference, Ted. The Russians are already working on the mid terms. This isn’t speculation—this is fact.