Democracy Dies as Putin’s Repubs Block Ukraine Aid

Democracy Dies as Putin’s Repubs Block Ukraine Aid February 23, 2024

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Ukraine has been forced to withdraw from key positions, giving Russia a new advantage in their war of conquest.

Meanwhile, Putin’s Republicans in the House of Representatives are STILL refusing to allow aid for Ukraine to come to a vote.

Instead of doing the job we elected them to do, most of these Republicans are cooling their heels at CPAC, the major Republican fundraising meet-up which has become an anti-American, anti-democracy cesspool.

As a for-instance of what today’s Republican Party has become, OANN anchor Jack Posobiec took the podium at CPAC and proclaimed to the cheering crowd, Welcome to the end of democracy! We didn’t get all the way there on Jan 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it.

Welcome to the end of democracy! We didn’t get all the way there on Jan 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it. Because all glory is not to democracy. All glory is to this, right here. (holding up Bible) We will endeavor to replace democracy with this.

If you think the motivation of these people is some sort of fealty to Christ, you are out of your little mind. The One they never mention is Jesus Christ. The One they never quote is Jesus Christ. Everything they do and everything they say is a direct contradiction of the Gospels of Christ.

They are using crude and vicious appeals to a false religion, a phony christianity without Christ or the redemption of the Cross to sell you on the idea of throwing away your freedoms, your security, your future and allow a small number of billionaires headed by Trump to turn America into a South American dictatorship that has it’s nose stuck up Putin who is giving them money.

It is a well documented fact that many, perhaps all, of today’s Republicans in Congress have taken money from Russian operatives. I recently wrote a blog post outlining some of the ways Putin has funneled money into the Republican Party. I linked to documentation for all of it. I barely scratched the surface of the documentation that exists for this fact.

I believe that is why right wing pundits and media are attacking aid to Ukraine. I think they are bought and owned by Putin and this cabal of American billionaires who do business with Putin themselves. I also believe that is why Republican office holders are blocking aid to Ukraine while they go off to CPAC and celebrate their 1/6 coup attempt and their plans to bring an end to democracy.

I am a deeply religious person. I believe absolutely in Jesus Christ. He is my Lord and my God. That is why I oppose these people. They are mocking God with their lying claims about Him and what it means to be a Christian. They are defaming him with their lies, their corruption, their rapes, their cruelty, their traitorous sell-out of America for bribes, and their idolatry of money and power.

They are destroying the Christian witness in this country and driving literally millions of people away from the true Christ by holding up this carnal, hate-filled, lying, raping, avaricious monster they have created in their own image and claiming that it is Jesus.

Today’s Republican Party has nothing to do with the Republican Party you have voted for in the past. It is not conservative. It is not moral. It does not follow Christ.

And if we let it, it will destroy America.



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