Here’s the Ad the Trump Does Not Want You to See.

Here’s the Ad the Trump Does Not Want You to See. April 1, 2020

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

President Trump has threatened legal action against tv stations that run a political ad that uses his own words, in his own voice, against him.

The ad, which was put out by Priorities USA, simply uses Trump’s own words about the Coronavirus in the weeks leading up to the situation we are in right now.

It does not detail how Trump’s own advisers were warning him that a pandemic was coming weeks in advance of this. It does not detail how the White House briefed members of Congress — some of whom went out and sold large amounts of their stock in what appears to be them, using this inside information to protect their own fortunes — about the coming pandemic weeks before it happened.

It does not list the many things that the president could have done to avert this situation or to prepare for it, including ramping up the production of tests so that we could control the virus the way the South Koreans have done.

He. Did. Nothing.

Except hold rallies and lie, of course.

The ad does not address that issue.

Neither does it address his late, great attempt to sell the American people on his plan to let a lot of them die of the virus so that he could fire up the stock market.

All the ad does is replay a few of Trump’s many public statements in which he knowingly and deliberately lied to the American people about what was coming.

It ends with one of the most damning public statements that any president has ever made in any crisis this country has faced since its beginning.

I take no responsibility whatsoever. 

This from the President of the United States.

I’m not a morning tv watcher. I had never heard of Morning Joe before Trump decided to start tweeting hate messages about the show a few years ago. I still don’t watch it. But I think it’s fitting that we should watch this ad as it’s played over and over on Morning Joe.

Here’s the ad the president does not want you to see.

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