Watch Mike Pence, Sniveling and Groveling His Moment of Greatness Away

Watch Mike Pence, Sniveling and Groveling His Moment of Greatness Away July 14, 2023

Indiana Govenor Mike Pence. Photo Source: Wikimedia, by Gage Skidmore

Mike Pence spins and turns in on himself in his slow irrelevant dance of pious non sequiturs. It is not admirable or even interesting watching this perfectly-groomed man with his helmet-head hair and old-time radio-announcer’s voice try to distance himself from the single moment of greatness in his life.

Every utterance in every interview pushes him further away from the one brave thing he has ever done in his public life, until it seems as if Mike Pence, the man who saved democracy in America, could not possibly co-exist inside this lying, parsing, sanctimonious phony skittering around the issues in search of a formula, a tissue of lies or an obfuscation which will shield him from the wrath of those who tried to kill both him and our democracy.

This is so strange to me. It is a conundrum built on the small hubris of a man who does not see himself, either for the hero he, at least for a moment in time, actually was, or the small-time carny he has been through0ut the rest of his career.

Mike Pence doesn’t have the talent, vision or understanding of governance and reality that would fit him for the presidency. His talents are, at best, more suited to managing a grocery store, or perhaps running a local talk show. His success in politics came about largely because he could be directed and used, because he was complaint and didn’t think too much … about anything.

Mike Pence is obviously unsuited to be president. But he is so stuck on himself that he won’t do what would be by far the better thing, and that is stand on his laurels as a patriot who subverted Trump’s attempt to make himself a dictator. 

Pence stood at the gate and blocked an insurrection. He’s a colorless jerk otherwise; a zero who reached his own level of incompetence when he was governor of Indiana. But he had one moment, one decisive and all-important moment, when he did not fail. He saved our democracy. 

But rather than stand on that and by doing that, stand for American democracy as the hero that he was on that day, he throws it all away by making an on-going, continuous show of groveling, lying, and attempting to appease and please the same people who wanted to destroy this country and kill him. 

The man is stupid. He’s so stupid that it’s difficult to fathom just how deep and wide his stupidity runs. In sniveling and groveling like a beggar at the city gates he throws his one moment of legitimate greatness in the ashcan and destroys his own legacy in American history. I’d feel sorry for him if I thought stupidity alone was the cause of this. But it appears to me that the real cause is blind ambition with nothing to back it up. 

Pence has nothing to offer this country as president. He doesn’t have the ability or the wit to be president. I think Trump chose him as his vp because Pence was a boot-licker and a life-long puppet of powerful interests. In one pivotal and critical moment, something clicked in Pence and, to what I think must have been the astonishment of both Trump and his henchmen, Pence actually stood.

Ever since then, he’s done everything he can to prove that one moment was an aberration and that he really is the sniveling, groveling power broker’s boy that he has always otherwise appeared to be.

From Daily Kos:

Pence sat down with the disgraced former Fox News propagandist, Tucker Carlson. … During the Pence interview, Carlson brought up the January 6th insurrection, asking Pence what he thought the hostile unrest was all about…

Carlson: Why do you think the people who stormed the Capitol on January 6th were mad? And why haven’t we talked about that?
Pence: First off I would tell you that I think the January 6th committee was a partisan committee in the Congress of the United States. And it failed its historic mission of bringing the facts forward. And I know your commitment to bringing all the facts to the American people, Tucker. And I know we’re grateful for that.

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