Open Mic Night: Is this the New Evangelization?

Open Mic Night: Is this the New Evangelization? February 27, 2013

It’s not everyday I get to post on Patheos Catholic from a neighborhood dive bar.

But I’m headed to Wabash College today, to give a noon talk and an evening lecture on Thursday, and I need to give you something in the meantime. (I had a warm-up talk/conversation here at the University of North Dakota on Monday. I’ll post all three here once I get back, in case anyone’s interested.)

On Tuesday nights, I’ve started attending a local open mic, in hopes of knocking off some rust to start playing out again this Spring. I also want to tryout some new songs I’m writing for a full length album-to-come. I’ve said a lot about music, but I haven’t shown any music yet. Here’s my chance: a live recording of my set from last night.

I ended the set with one of the new, original tunes I’m working on. “Eggs With Love.” A song about doing all things with love. I also play my own renditions of covers from Bob Marley, Ray Charles, B. B. King, Sade, three jazz standards (“What a Wonderful World,” “Autumn Leaves,” and “Fever”), and a remixed country ballad (“When You Say Nothing At All”).

I wonder if this is something like that thing we’re calling The New Evangelization. I don’t know. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Don’t worry,  Bad Catholic: it’s not that Christian Music you’re trying to kill, but I sure hope it’s funky (just not too funky). And, no, I’m certainly not Beyoncé Knowles, not even close. Sorry.

Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it. If you do, then you may also be interested in my EP, Freedom for Love.

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