What the Flu Taught Me about Catherine and Marriage

What the Flu Taught Me about Catherine and Marriage October 16, 2015

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This week has not been good to me. I woke up early Monday morning with terrible stomach pains which I believe came from some type of flu bug and four days later, I’m just now slowly getting over it all.

I’ve been lightheaded, nauseous and unable to eat all week long. I hate the feeling of being powerless but that’s exactly what I’ve been. For the last ninety-six hours or so, I’ve spent almost all my time either on the couch or in bed cursing this virus that’s infected me and hoping it would soon pass. 

But amidst the nausea and pain, I was reminded of something- I am so blessed to have Catherine as my wife. From the very first moment I woke up feeling ill, she was quick to ask me how she could help. From that moment on, Catherine did everything in her power to take care of me. She would go to the store and get me medicine, water, soup, pedialyte, whatever she thought I needed. I knew Catherine had a busy week but she put her things aside and took care of me instead. It wasn’t so much what Catherine did for me this week as much as it was how she did it. I could tell that she loves me so much she couldn’t stand the thought of me not feeling well and she wanted to do everything in her power to fix it. 

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with everyone because I think it’s important to recognize how special my wife truly is. I’ve never in my life met someone with a bigger heart and I’m so extremely grateful that she’s decided to give that heart to me. 

Who would have guessed that the cute, giggly, slightly awkward girl I met on The Bachelor would change my life forever?

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