This is the Most Surprising Reason Why A Man Likes a FAT Wife

This is the Most Surprising Reason Why A Man Likes a FAT Wife December 19, 2017

do men like fat womenBeing FAT has nothing to do with the size of your rear, but it could be good for your marriage. Do men like FAT women? You bet they do. If you’re looking for a way to increase harmony in your marriage, FAT may be just what you need.

I wish someone had encouraged me to gain some early in my marriage. I was in my early 20’s and really wasn’t concerned about it. In fact,  FAT was the least of my concerns. I wish someone had told me about the benefits of gaining some.

Society places emphasis on physical appearance. A strong relationship goes further than skin deep. We’re usually attracted to people because of the way they look. Not much emphasis is placed on building strong, thriving marriages.

Being FAT has nothing to do with weight. It’s all about building relationships.

It’s about attitude. FAT: faithful, available, and teachable.

Here’s why men like FAT women:

  1. Faithful–He’ll benefit from a woman who loves Jesus more than him. Jesus will fill your heart with unconditional, sacrificial love. If you’re faithful to God, you’re more likely to be faithful to him.
  2. Available–He wants a woman who’s available, emotionally and physically. He needs a soft place to land, especially when he’s facing challenges–a loss of a job, difficult work situation. He needs to know you are in his corner cheering him on.
  3. Teachable-Are you pliable. Are you willing to look at yourself in the midst of a disagreement?  Are you willing to change course if you’re on the wrong road? He wants a woman who’s willing to work with him, not against him.

FAT isn’t in your rear; it’s in your heart.

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Also known as the Not So Excellent Wife, Sheila Qualls understands how tiring a tough marriage can be. 

She went from the brink of divorce to having a thriving marriage by translating timeless truths into practical skills. She’s helped women just like you turn their men into the husbands they want.

After 33 years of marriage, she’s a  coach  and a speaker whose passion is to equip women to break relationship-stifling habits and do marriage God’s way. And you don’t have to be a doormat to do it.

She and her husband Kendall live in Minnesota with their five children and their Black Lab, Largo.

In addition to coaching, Sheila is a member of the MOPS Speaker Network.  Her work has been featured on the MOPS Blog, The Upper Room, Grown and Flown, Scary Mommy, Beliefnet, Candidly Christian,, The Mighty and on various other sites on the Internet.

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8 responses to “This is the Most Surprising Reason Why A Man Likes a FAT Wife”

  1. Hi Sheila, I’m so blessed that we are neighbors over #Sittingamongfriends this week! After 39 years of marriage, I so agree with you! I wish that early on in our marriage I would have enjoyed being fat! 🙂 Truly, God’s Grace is right there! Blessings to you!

  2. You had me going there, Sheila! I can’t say that I’m not a little bit disappointed that I can have all the ice cream I’d like . . . for my husband’s sake.