New Ebook – The Virtue of Dialogue

New Ebook – The Virtue of Dialogue January 26, 2012

The Virtue of Dialogue - C. Christopher SmithChris has has a new little ebook that is now available from Patheos Press:

The Virtue of Dialogue:
Conversation as a
Hopeful Practice of

Church Communities.

This ebook narrates Englewood Christian Church’s practice of conversation, how we — a failed megachurch — stumbled in the practice of conversation 15 years ago, and how it has transformed us and continues to transform us. A strong case is made that open, conversation is an essential and timely practice for all churches.

Conversation — and particularly dinner table conversation — is essential to our concept of Slow Church, and this little book will serve to point us in a direction that will be fleshed out in much more detail in the coming Slow Church book.  For people who want a sense of where we are going with the Slow Church project, The Virtue of Dialogue offers the tiniest taste of where we hope to go.

The Virtue of Dialogue is available for download as a Kindle ebook for only $2.99!

If you do not have a Kindle, Kindle apps for your computer or smartphone are FREE and easy to install…

Now available for Nook through (Also $2.99!)

“There is something very 1st Century about Englewood, and there’s also something very postmodern — that’s because Englewood is seeking to be missional, not by theorizing about it but by actually doing it. Where they began is where we all need to begin: with conversation. We must face one another in a listening mode. Only then can our words become genuine conversation. This little book could be revolutionary for your own faith community.”
– Scot McKnight, author of The King Jesus Gospel and Junia Is Not Alone
“The story of the Englewood Christian Church is a compelling one, not because it’s unusual (which it is), but because it narrates a story of church rebirth many people are experiencing under the radar of the ‘success-driven’ U.S. Christian establishment. Beautifully written, stunningly simple, this piece by Chris Smith gives hope for all those working in churches in the midst of long decline. To you who are looking for a way forward that is different from the latest mega church conference, I urge you to read this little book.”

– David Fitch, B.R. Lindner Professor of Evangelical Theology at Northern Seminary, author of The End of Evangelicalism?

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