Slow Church Conference Recordings (The Complete Set)

Slow Church Conference Recordings (The Complete Set) June 23, 2014

Here are all the conference recordings from April’s Slow Church Conference at Englewood Christian Church in Indianapolis.

These talks are an important supplement to our book, bringing other, wiser voices into the Slow Church conversation. And for an even deeper look, we highly recommend the books that our speakers have written. (Titles and links can be found on the pages for each talk)

Please listen, download and share these recordings as you see fit.

Slow Church Conference
Talk #1: Willie James Jennings (Duke Divnity School)
A Place of Redemption: Putting Church on the Ground
Talk #2: David Fitch (Northern Seminary)
A Slow Church Ecclesiology
Talk #3: Christine Pohl (Asbury Seminary)
An Economy of Gratitude and Hospitality
Talk #4: Carol Johnston (Christian Theo. Seminary)
A Holistic Approach to Salvation, Including the Creation
Talk #5: Philip Kenneson (Milligan College)
Ethics: Being the Church Well
Talk #6: Mike Bowling / Chris Smith (Englewood Christian Church)
The Practice of Conversation in the Local Church

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