Indy Debate Recaps

Indy Debate Recaps July 7, 2015

It was more like a vacation among friends – Adam and his wife Elizabeth stayed with my family and I amongst our debates last week. We truly enjoyed their company, hanging out, the post-debate parties over some wine and snacks, and talking honestly about philosophy, theology, and politics.


The tour was kicked off on Wednesday, July 1st when I picked up Adam and Elizabeth at the airport. We had to head right to Theology on Tap at the Tow Yard Brewing Company. It was a fantastic turnout and definitely a fresh venue for our exchanges! Adam, Elizabeth, my wife Naomi, and I all enjoyed some fantastic local brews before Adam and I took the stage. We had a nice exchange of ideas and had some great questions posed by the audience. The video recording of our exchange will be posted shortly.  


On Thursday, July 2nd, we headed over to Faith vs. Doubt night at Crosspoint Church in Fishers. As I mentioned in my previous post, I was not at all thrilled with the “Faith vs. Doubt” headline, but I did thoroughly enjoy the evening. It was a privilege to share the stage with my friend, to tussle over the big questions and to have all the proceeds from the evening go towards the Polaris Project to end human trafficking. In that, Adam and I are trying to not only have a meaningful exchange, but change the way the discussion is being had. As I said at our debates, we may disagree on the metaphysical accounting, but let’s do so as friends and change the world as we’re bickering. The recorded podcast can be found here (it’s a bit quiet in the beginning, I had some issues with my mic falling off, most likely from our fierce ping-pong introduction).

It was an outstanding few days among friends. I’ve learned so much from our exchange, but more importantly continue to deepen my friendship with Adam and Elizabeth. Our debates only spark further meaningful conversation, our conversation just deepening our friendship. My prayer is that our endeavor becomes an avenue for change, not just changing the conversation, but in changing the world in the little space we find ourselves in. I call it discipleship. Adam calls it secular humanism. We’ll keep tussling philosophically and historically, but backstage we’ll be among friends, and after, donating proceeds to end human trafficking.

Adam, Elizabeth, until next time…


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