What If You Could Prove That Love Doesn’t End at Death?

What If You Could Prove That Love Doesn’t End at Death? April 26, 2016

Photo from Pixabay by geraltFloating in the mist with my sister’s spirit I saw nothing but a vast darkness. Why had she stopped here?

Cathy had taken me on some pretty amazing out of body journeys since her death 5 months before.  I was just getting my “sea legs” and becoming comfortable flying with her across the cosmos. Each visit revealed a new terrain I had never seen before.  But where we we today?

Cathy’s voice filtered into my consciousness. “Try to see what I am showing you.”

Making an effort to relax I redirected my gaze and glimpsed a flame burning brightly like a large candle. In the next instant an entire scene unfolded before me. A group of people was gathered around the flickering light, seated in what appeared to be a circular stone structure. At one end was a huge entrance in the shape of a keyhole. Advancing toward the opening I tried to enter but couldn’t, so I stayed on the outside looking in.

What were these people doing and who were they? Why did Cathy bring me here to see this?

Again her voice melted into my awareness. “This is a ceremony.”
Still puzzled, I asked her whether she was in the circle and she replied that she was not.

Suddenly, rather than outside the circle I was now inside sitting amongst the people in the circular edifice. Gazing in front of me over the light of the flame, I saw my father smiling broadly at me. What was he doing here? Then I became aware of other dear ones. I sensed my husband and sons at my side, and my siblings too in the midst of other indistinct faces. The idea grew in my consciousness that this was a ceremony for me, a group of souls that had come together to help me in my lifetime, to be the people who would go through this present life with me.

Later after I returned to my body and while Cathy’s spirit still hovered around me, I asked about the scene I had witnessed. Her reply came quickly.  “I took you there to see how you began this lifetime. Those are your dear friends who will help you with whatever you want to create. You set your intention and they agreed to be your helpers. You saw that dad was in the circle and many others you know and love. Also, I was in the circle but am not anymore since I am now in Spirit.”

The following day as I dipped down into meditation again, Cathy was at my side immediately pulling me along behind her. Once again we stopped in front of the fire lit ceremony in the stone circle. Why were we here again? Was there more she wanted to show me?

Again seated inside the circle, I peered at the glowing faces around the fire and a shimmering light caught my eye. Looking closer I discovered a sea of luminous green threads crisscrossing the circle, connecting each soul to the others. It was a mesmerizing web of relationship. Threads stretched in all directions leaving no one out of the glowing network of love.

There was no time to stare. As I watched, each soul moved toward the keyhole opening and exited, falling into the darkness on their way to their next incarnation. In my turn I catapulted out of the opening, free falling into the darkness on my own trajectory toward this present lifetime. There was no sense of fear or regret. I knew I would see those beloved friends soon.

When the vision ended and I was back in my physical body I pondered what I had seen. I remembered Cathy’s repeated assurances to me that we “are connected, always connected.” Were these luminous green threads proof of that connection? And what about that beautiful structure? In retrospect it had looked just like a uterus, and the keyhole opening like a cervix birthing each of us into our new lives.

Warmth flooded my heart as I thought of each beloved face around the circle and those glimmering threads. As soul companions would we always be linked and able to visit each other even after this present earthly life was over? That matrix of connectivity seemed to indicate so.

Cathy’s death had shredded and broken me, but her afterlife visitations had unfolded a landscape I never could have known otherwise. My earthly life had been blessed with the expanded horizons she had shown me, while her earthly life had ended and she was now embarked on adventures I couldn’t even fathom. I missed her terribly. Still I was comforted. I knew that from somewhere deep in my belly there was a glowing cord tying me to Cathy, a cord that could not be destroyed by death because it was eternal.

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