President Obama won’t go to Justice Scalia’s funeral

President Obama won’t go to Justice Scalia’s funeral February 18, 2016

Remember this?  The L.A. Times reported that “Obama says he’s partly to blame for Washington’s very partisan environment because he could have reached out more to Republicans during his time in office.”

Now, fast forward to an amazing opportunity to honor a great man — a man who helped shape this nation.  Yes, a man with whom the President may have disagreed…  but an important, honorable man.  Rick Moran reports:

Unable to resist the urge to give one last snub to the Supreme Court justice who opposed him at every turn, President Obama will not attend the funeral of Antonin Scalia on Saturday.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest would not say if the president had anything else planned for that day.

Obama will “pay his respects” to Scalia by viewing the remains at the Supreme Court on Friday.

I like what best selling author Brad Thor said:

In fact,  he’s the only other president not to attend a Supreme Court justice since 1954.  As Steven Rattner tweeted“If we want to reduce partisanship, we can start by honoring great public servants who we disagree with.”

Obama is showcasing a level of disrespect for our country and the Constitution that I’ve never seen from a sitting President. He’s  arrogant and solipsistic, and a shame to our nation.

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