Racist Democrats Target Strong Black Woman

Racist Democrats Target Strong Black Woman February 13, 2016

Nothing gets under the far Left’s skin more than a strong black woman who’s an outspoken Conservative.  It undermines their entire narrative that to be black is to be a liberal Democrat and that to be a woman is to be a liberal Democrat. So a person who is black AND a woman must definitely be the most liberal of Democrats!

The problem with this (besides the obvious fact that it is incredibly RACIST) is that it pushes a form of divisive identity politics that tears our nation apart.   Liberals say race doesn’t matter… but you better believe it matters to liberals when it’s time to vote.  Then it’s the ONLY thing that matters.  Liberals say gender doesn’t matter… until it comes time to vote.  Then, to liberals, it’s the ONLY thing that matters.  

Republicans don’t seem to care about my race at all, but Democrats can’t stop reminding me of my race.

That’s why I love Congresswoman Mia Love so much. And that’s exactly why Democrats hate her so much.

POLITICO reports that Mia Love is one of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s top targets in the 2016 House elections.

I wonder why. Could it be because she’s a strong, outspoken black woman with a conservative message of hard work and hope for people of all races?  Could it be because she’s a proud gun owner?  Could it be because she’s in an interracial marriage? Could it be because she’s pro-life and pro-family? Watch this video to learn more about Mia Love.

No wonder the Democrats want to take her down. Her very existence on this Earth destroys their lies that black people need to be Democrats to be truly black. Her leadership in Congress destroys their message that true women leaders and true black leaders have to be Democrats.

She’s calling them out every day on their lies and deception, their race-baiting and threats.

Keep fighting the good fights, Congresswoman Love. I have your back.

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