Stacey Dash Announces Exciting New Political Movement

Stacey Dash Announces Exciting New Political Movement June 26, 2016

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America stands at a crossroads.

Political elites have divided our country and seek to pit us against each other. Liberals sell us cheap fictional freedoms, while stripping away our true God-given freedoms and liberty. Women are told empowerment means being a victim and are coerced into subscribing to the paltry progressives’ definition of feminism. Minorities are told that the only way we can make it out of poverty is to accept handouts.

But I don’t buy into any of these lies.

And that is why I have launched my new website and movement – Dash America. I believe that instead of allowing others to divide us and hold us down, we must empower one another to rise up and unite for the sake of our great nation and the values that have made us the strongest country in the world, a true beacon of freedom for all people and all nations under God for centuries.

Dash America is an exhilarating political movement that focuses on unity, faith, family values, and feminism.

First, I believe we need to cling to the motto and founding principle of the United States- E Pluribus Unum, Out of Many, One. We are a nation of many races and backgrounds, but we’ve forgotten about unity. Let’s re-forge our unity through freedom, opportunity, and education regardless of race.

Next, I believe women are powerful, intelligent, and sexy. Women keep us in the present, they raise the next generation, and they guide the future of society. We deserve respect and admiration for these traits, and must use them as part of our feminine toolbox.

Finally, I believe we can and must return to Reagan’s Hollywood, a time when movies were pro-America, pro-freedom, and pro-family values. We are going to make that happen by writing, producing, and distributing films that showcase what is great about America and show us how to achieve its potential.

It’s never too soon, and never too late to embrace the best traditions and the best chance for future. Will you join me?

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