Abortion and Invincible Ignorance

The Pope can’t suddenly decide that abortion isn’t a sin anymore, and does she imagine that every abortion by every woman is an “agonizing and painful decision”? Sure. Sometimes it is. Often it is not. Otherwise we would not hear of women who have had five, six, seven and eight abortions. Throw away culture? You bet. Or not throw away–harvest the organs and cut open the face and pull out the brains and deliver baby heads to clinics for money. Then throw the rest away.

And secondly, if the Pope would like to see – as I think we all would – fewer abortions, then he would end the Catholic Church’s ban on contraception; a policy which is responsible not only for the deaths of many mothers forced into pregnancy after pregnancy and many unwanted children, but also for countless needless deaths from Aids in sub-Saharan Africa.

Another sign of liberal stupidity Statistics back up the common sense. A contraceptive culture means more abortion, not less.  Why? Because contraception teaches people that sex and babies are not connected. They therefore believe that sex and babies are never connected so they have more sex and more contraceptive failures and more abortions.  In every country where there is a contraceptive culture abortions increase.

The main sadness about this invincibly ignorant journalist is that she is expressing the views of the majority of people in our society. In fact, if you take time to read the comments box for the article in question you’ll find that her views about the Catholic Church are tame. The true feelings of many toward the Catholic faith are there in the combox. There you’ll find the hatred, rage, spitting blasphemies and idiocies.

Furthermore, do we imagine that this invincible ignorance is an accident? Do we imagine that the Planned Parenthood videos will change people’s hearts and minds?

I don’t believe they will, and here’s why: with 58 million abortions in America (and then add up the ones in UK and Europe) there are a huge number of people who have either had an abortion or paid for one. Do you think they want to see the Planned Parenthood videos? Do you think they want to face up to what they’ve done?

Would you?


They are in denial, and with that denial comes guilt, fear and rage–frightening rage. To whom will that rage be directed?

It will be directed towards all those who wish to call attention to their crimes. The majority of ordinary Americans who have had abortions or paid for them are not horrified by abortion because they have participated in abortion, and they would have to admit what they have done.

What is the solution? Only mercy and forgiveness can help. Pope Francis (and every Catholic priest) wants to offer this medicine, but of course we will be vilified and blamed for doing so.

The madness is intense in our society. It is like a person is suffering from a horrible leprosy and when a doctor comes with a cure they tell the doctor that he is the one with the problem and if he won’t go away they will kill him.

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