Abortion, Cannibalism and Black Magic

In case you think the murder of little children, cannibalism and black magic are isolated practices or are simply part of a disgusting and primitive Chinese culture– the practice is increasing rather than dying out. The dried bodies of baby boys used to be replaced with wooden effigies. That wasn’t good enough. They’re bringing the real thing back again.

Furthermore, the practice of child sacrifice is not just an Asian phenomenon. It’s increasing in Africa too. Here is a BBC news story about the horrors of child sacrifice in present day Uganda. This article from Zimbabwe chronicles the scourge of child sacrifice in countries across Africa.

This is crude, primitive, barbaric and superstitious stuff. It doesn’t happen in United States and Britain does it? Sure it does. The medical industry in the USA “harvests” organs and body parts regularly from aborted fetuses. Here’s information about this industry which one industry worker calls “unpleasant but necessary”. If you have the stomach you might want to take time if you’re interested to watch this video about the presence of witchcraft within radical feminism and the abortion industry in the United States.

Of course the presence of a few witches in a couple of abortion clinics isn’t evidence of widespread black magic, cannibalism and primitive superstitious practices. Stop for a moment though and consider the reasoning behind child sacrifice, cannibalism and black magic. The occult practitioner–whether he is an African, a pre-Colombian South American, an ancient worshipper of Moloch or a Chinese businessman or Korean drug smuggler, wants the five “Ps”– protection, prosperity, potency, pleasure and power. The superstitious believe they will get this by making a child sacrifice to a pagan deity.

People in developed countries are doing exactly the same thing, but without messing about with pagan deities. The child in Uganda may be kidnapped, mutilated, murdered and cannibalized to give power, potency, prosperity and protection. The Westerners promote abortion because “the family can’t afford another child” and by saving money they attain prosperity and protection and power. By having sex unencumbered by babies the man and woman also achieve the other aim of the superstitious: increased sexual potency and pleasure.

It’s not real difficult: you can only serve one God. It’s either Mammon (the five “Ps”) or God. The way of the first is the way of brutality, child sacrifice and the worship of Satan and the Self.

The was of the second is to follow Christ–who overcomes the forces of darkness and death to bring light and life.

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