America and Molech

There is simply no justification for the horrors of the abortion industry in America. Thousands of unborn children are eliminated daily, and the vast majority are offered up as a result of the selfishness and immorality of their parents. No abortion is justifiable, but late term abortions are especially abhorrent–in which a child who could survive, and who feels pain is dismembered, his skull crushed and is scraped from the womb–and we are not ashamed. We calmly abort children simply because they are the “wrong gender.” Indeed, we celebrate abortion. Our “Christian” leaders call it a “blessing.”

Of course we do not offer them to Molech literally, but we should stop and ask ourselves what Molech represents. The ancient gods were offered human sacrifice as an act of appeasement. It was a deal. We give you our children and you give us the “P” words: Protection, Prosperity and Power. In America today we do not offer babies to Molech, but we sacrifice our children through abortion–and yes, through contraception–for the same reasons: we want Protection, Prosperity and Power.

Furthermore, the killing continues in our country in other ways. Our vast military machine reaches across the globe torturing and killing wherever necessary to preserve our “strategic interests” aka. Protection, Prosperity and Power. The economic violence is also perpetrated in our own country and around the world–but those are the last two “sins that cry to heaven” and I will do separate posts on them in days to come.

What is most frightening about America is that we are increasingly blind to the sins of Sodom and the offerings to Molech. We can’t hear the truth. We use convoluted arguments to justify what we are doing. We are wallowing in the filth and the blood and we think we’re delightful.

The Christian soul recoils in horror and cries out, “Lord Have Mercy!” This is, in fact, all one can do once things become so bad. This is why the Divine Mercy devotion is so necessary and why in our new church I am determined to have a shrine to the Divine Mercy–a place for all to come and receive the only antidote to the poison–the only healing for the soul and the only salvation for ourselves and our world which is possible.

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