America the Murderous: A Solemn Prophetic Warning

Twenty years ago Pope St John Paul II prophesied against America saying, “Woe, Woe to you America if you do not succeed in defending life!”

What happens when a solemn prophetic warning is given by God’s anointed?

If the warning is not heeded, disaster happens. That’s what.

The disaster may not happen immediately, but history reminds us that when a people rebel against God and continue without regard more and more deeply into the culture of death, then death is what they get.

They kill. They are killed.

They slaughter. They are slaughtered.

They murder the innocent and the vulnerable. They are murdered.

How to the respond to the prophet who pronounces “Woe! Woe to you!”

They laugh him to scorn. So I expect this blog post will be laughed at. John Paul’s solemn warning will be laughed at.

The murder and dissection of unborn babies for profit while the clinicians are laughing will continue.

Until disaster comes.