Anglicans Push to Call God “Mother”

and neither did anyone who was clear thinking, and sure enough, as soon as women won the vote to be ordained in the early 90s they began changing the liturgy. Wherever possible they insinuated neutral language, attempted to remove all “sexist” language and bring in reference to God as “Mother”.

The second point is that their tactics are clearly not of the Holy Spirit. From the beginning they have used all the tactics of the secular politicians and tacticians. They started pressure groups, ran publicity campaigns, bullied their way into political positions, used tactics of playing the victim combined with emotional blackmail to get their way. When they lost a vote they did not accept that as the Spirit’s guidance but simply ramped up their attack on their enemies and maneuvered  in new ways to control the outcome.

This is the way progressives work everywhere, and the third point people should realize is that you should never, never appease these people.

As soon as you give them one concession they will grab it, trumpet their success and move on to their next agenda item. They have a clear agenda and they will never stop because they live for their agenda. They have no purpose or identity unless they are on some self righteous campaign to change everything according to their single minded ideology.

Do you think the Church of England and Episcopal church and mainline Protestant churches have stopped going down the path of destruction?

Not a chance.

They will continue with the radical feminist agenda until they are actually holding hands with witchcraft and worshipping devils.

If anyone is skeptical about feminist Christianity’s links with witchcraft they only have to read the feminist texts themselves.

For an expose see Donna Steichen’s Ungodly Rage: The Hidden Face of Catholic Feminism Also Philip Davis’ Goddess Unmasked: The Rise of Neopagan Feminist Spirituality

And it is happening already. Go here.

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