My Conversion Stories

Over the years I’ve been asked to tell my conversion story from fundamentalist home and Bob Jones University to the Catholic Church and eventually to being ordained as a Catholic priest. You can download audio files to hear me tell the story first hand, or you can read the printed versions here.

Everything Belongs to You – This article was written for Marcus Grodi’s Coming Home Journal.

Affirming All Things – This shorter article was first written for the UK’s Catholic Gazette.

Home Away from Home – This article was first published by This Rock magazine. It was the first version of my conversion story.

The House of Mirrors – This is longer version of my conversion story goes into the theological reasons for my conversion in more depth. It is my chapter from my first book–a book of conversion stories called The Path to Rome.

Universal and Particular – This longer version of my conversion story also goes into the theological reasons for my conversion, and relates them more to American Protestantism than Anglicanism. It was published as one of the chapters in the popular Surprised by Truth series of conversion stories edited by Patrick Madrid.


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