Atheism — Don’t Even Think About It!

Should the materialist be faced with something inexplicable like the incorrupt bodies of saints, the stigmata, a miraculous healing or one rising from the dead he must instantly explain it away, ignore it or deny the possibility. The most he can do is shrug his shoulders and say, “How intriguing! We do not have an explanation for that yet.”

What he cannot do is allow for the possibility that there is an explanation beyond the the material realm. There must be and cannot be interventions from a spiritual agency.

His system must be closed.

The believer, on the other hand, can allow that reality is rubbery. There are more things in heaven and earth than his philosophy and science has dreamed of. He lives in an open ended universe in which there are other powers greater than the dull laws of nature that the materialist holds to as his unchanging creed.

Here then is the paradoxical paradigm: that the believer, who is blamed for his unbending orthodoxy and close minded legalism, is the one who operates in an open system where the unexpected and unexplained confirm his hypothesis and foundational beliefs whereas the materialist, who is portrayed as the free thinker, the liberated soul and the free spirit, is the one who is bound to a boring understanding of reality–blinkered by the limitations of his materialistic creed and bound by the harsh strictures of his own physical appetites.

“What!?” I would explode to the materialist, “Do you mean you really only believe in what you can sense or what can be tested with scientific instruments? Is your world so small, your imagination so stunted, your spiritual sense so dead and your humanity so mundane? Do you really, honestly live in a world that consists of no more than the material things you own, the money you make, the lust you feel and the hunger and thirst you satisfy? Can it be that your life is so small, so mundane, so anthropocentric and ultimately egocentric?”

The true believer, on the other hand, is a human soul who stand, like a mountaineer on the summit gazing out over a limitless horizon. The true believer is a poet and a pioneer and a pilgrim. The believer stands on the brink of unknown worlds and his human heart opens to eternity while his feet remain firmly on the ground. His life is an open ended experiment, a launch into the unknown, he is a water walker, a miracle monger, a chevalier of the spirit and a valiant warrior in the cosmic battle. He is a romantic on a quest and a lover in search for his heart’s true love.

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