Atheists Believe in “Progress” – More Wishful Thinking

Why is that? Because they have believed first in Evolutionism. I use the term “Evolutionism” by the way to indicate an ideology and a philosophy–not only the scientific theory of origins.

Evolutionism teaches that the metanarrative of history is one of a great, long, unrelenting, upward ascent.

We have emerged from the slime and we have ascended to the stars!

One of the things which helps the myth of progress to be believed are the advances in medical science, technology, communications and transportation.

However, one doesn’t have to be a Socrates to figure out that being able to live longer, communicate with more people faster and move around faster to more places must demand any other form of progress.

Look at the area where other ages were far more advanced than we are: Architecture. Art. Music. Literature. Poetry. Philosophy.

Look at the manners, the courtesy, the fine dress sense, haute cuisine and ability to be civilized humans had in times past which we have lost.

Consider the human family–how extended families lived together in villages and communities helping one another and thriving together. We have lost that almost completely.

Finally, consider the high accomplishments in the realm of spirituality in the past. Great advances in theology, morality, prayer, religion and spirituality were commonplace in previous ages. What do we have?


Progress? Humbug.

I love my laptop and my iPhone. I’m glad we have air conditioning and WiFi, but progress?

What a silly thing to believe in. Show me the evidence.

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