Bad News Overload and Living Locally

Here’s a Catholic principle:  Don’t wait to be asked and don’t wait to be thanked. Do what you can where you are.

You’re not going to solve world hunger, but you can help at the local mission or food pantry.

You’re not going to solve the immigrant problem, but you can give a warm welcome to the stranger in your midst.

You’re not going to stop the immorality and filth in our country, but you can strive for purity in your own life and faithful love in your marriage.

You’re not going to stop abortion overnight, but you can get involved in your local pro life group.

You’re not going to solve the problems in the Middle East and overthrow ISIS, but you can pray for peace and try to understand the Muslim who lives in your community.

You’re not going to save the rainforest, stop pollution or bring an end to factory farming, but you can simplify your lifestyle, consume less and re-cycle more.

I have found myself caught up in the stress of the bad news round up and I’m going to just stop it.

I remember a story I heard as an Anglican priest. Some schoolboys were worried about the threat of a nuclear bomb. They asked their school chaplain and he said, “You know, God loves this old world so much that he wouldn’t let us destroy it completely. Things are bad, but they have always been bad and always will be. If a bomb should fall it would be a terrible thing, but most people are good at heart. People would rally around and help one another. The end of the world will come when God decides it will come. Until then, live every day as if it is your last and live every day as if you will live forever.”

So I’m going to go local and stop worrying about the whole wide world because I’m remembering that dear old gospel song, “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”

My world is what I’m responsible for. The whole world is God’s responsibility and I think I can trust him with it.

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