Broken Marriage? It’s Complicated


So while we shake our self righteous fingers at those who desire same sex unions, let’s stop and think for a moment how we have contributed to the train wreck we’ve made of marriage. All of our families have been broken by divorce, homosexuality, re-marriage, adultery, porn, fornication and co-habitation. Who has not faced this issue in some way or another in their own family? Who has not been guilty at least in some small way to contributing to the breakdown of marriage?

The greatest irony of all is that while marriage is hardly recognizable in our society as anything like what it used to be, same sex couple actually want to be married. Why is that? Does it have anything at all to do with marriage or is it simply about their demand “You must affirm me!”

No wonder there is confusion about sexual identities among young people. A solid marriage and secure family life is where sexual identities are forged and confirmed. A good relationship with the father and mother help to form the next generation of solid and secure families. Broken families lead to broken families. By creating a society where “It doesn’t mean anything, it’s only sex.” we have created a society where marriage has been broken long ago, and why should we be surprised, angered or alarmed when that breakdown (to which we have also contributed) goes to yet another stage, and then another stage.

For do not be deceived. As same sex marriage is simply the fruit of our wholesale abandonment of marriage, neither will it be the final chapter. Other twisted forms of love will be foisted upon us. The forces that have succeeded in breaking marriage thus far will continue to break marriage until nothing is left.

That is because the enemy hates. Hates with a violent and spitting rage the sacrament of marriage. He hates it because through marriage a man and a woman may learn the difficult lessons of love. He hates it because through marriage they may bring a new eternal soul into the world. He hates it because God has deemed to work in and through marriage for the salvation and sanctification of souls. Of course he hates it because marriage is the crucible of love. It is there that love grows and is refined and purified. It is there that love manifests in a new life and spreads joy throughout the world. It is there that the Love of God is seen for those who live in love live in God and God lives in them.

He hates marriage as he hates love, and we have played his game according to his rules…

…and it is time we repented.

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