Cardinal Kasper – 2

Quite apart from the fact that the cardinal doesn’t believe in the historicity of the gospel miracle stories is the stunning lack of reasoning on the matter. He simply says they didn’t happen because they didn’t happen. This assumption that miracles don’t happen because they can’t happen has always seemed to me to be one of the stupider aspects of theological modernism.

Here’s why: If you are a Christian at all then you must believe in the Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ. You can’t explain it away. You can’t say it was “a spiritual event.” The whole point of the resurrection is that it was physical. Jesus’ crucified and tortured body came back to life again. He was dead. Now he alive. It was a miracle. It was THE miracle of miracles.

Some modernists like Cardinal Kasper will stick their nose in the air and say that a “crude physical understanding of the resurrection” is to miss the point. It is best understood as a spiritual event rather than physical. That is like saying that my marriage is a spiritual relationship and we wouldn’t do anything so physically crude as to make love.

We do understand that the miracles stories and the resurrection have theological meaning, but they only have theological meaning if they really happened, just like my marriage is only valid if it is consummated and we live together. It’s not really marriage if it’s not physical, and it’s not really resurrection if its not physical.

Now here’s the kicker. How is it that Cardinal Kasper and others of his ilk can say they believe in the miracle of the resurrection–which is the toughest one of all–but then quibble about Jesus walking on the water? Seems to me that if he rose from the dead he can  raise other people from the dead and if he can do that, then the other miracles, in comparison seem to be a walk in the park or a walk on the waves for that matter. He rose from the dead and raised others from the dead but he couldn’t feed a multitude or calm the storm?

My suspicion therefore is that Kasper also doesn’t really believe in the resurrection either, Continue Reading