Casual Catholicism


Classic Catholicism teaches the old, old, apostolic story of the tragic fall of mankind into sin and a loving Father’s response to restore, renew and redeem them. It is the classic tale of Christ the Son descending to this world, born of a Virgin, living and dying out of a heart of love for his brothers and sister to win their souls and open the gates of glory. It is about the weekly, daily commemoration of these events through the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass–the place where each soul on the path to salvation meets his master daily–the place where a supernatural transaction takes place between the Holy  Spirit and my unholy Spirit. It is here in trembling awe that I approach the throne of grace, and it is here that I meet the one who loves me beyond the power of heaven and earth, life and death and all things that may trouble and assault me.

Everything else flows from this magnificent story, yet how often do we hear it? How often are we reminded that all of it flows from this one great event of redemption? From this flowers all the art, architecture, music and words of worship. From this flowers all the works of mercy, all the prayers and all the activism of the people of God. This classic Catholicism doesn’t have to worry about the externals so much because what will flow from an immersion into Classic Catholicism is a new understanding of the depth of God’s love and  new experience of the power and glory of the Catholic faith.

Once that is experienced people will automatically start behaving better. Behaving well comes from Believing well. If we embrace and proclaim Classic Catholicism, Casual Catholicism will fade away.