Catholic Marxism – The Sequel

It is this: both Karl and the Cardinal believe that the answer to mankind’s problems is temporal. In other words, the answer is to fiddle with the systems to make the world a nicer, better, fairer place for all. If need be a revolution must take place to usher in this better world.

Karl Marx wanted to do this through economic and social revolution. Cardinal Marx wants an ecclesial and “pastoral” revolution. His desire to change the church disciplines on marriage and to lead the German church in revolt against Rome if need be indicates the same ideological intransigence and willingness to lead a revolution as his namesake.

We should not be surprised that Karl Marx the atheist can see only a temporal solution. He doesn’t believe in  the next world, so all he has left is to improve this world.

Cardinal Marx, on the other hand, is a Catholic priest. His main calling is not social reform, but the salvation of souls.

I cannot offer a critique, and much less a judgement on Cardinal Marx, but I can offer a critique of the tendency in the Catholic Church to focus on social systems rather than man’s salvation. I can offer a critique on the watering down of Catholic truth to accommodate the demands of secular society, and I can offer a critique of attempts to manipulate the church with secret conferences of “experts” whose opinions will be carefully filtered through secular media network and presented as “the Catholic Church making a brave move forward…”

A revolution of that kind–engineered by Cardinal Marx–is doomed to fail.

Cardinal Kasper’s friends the African Cardinals– will see through it all and sink it.

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