Compassion, Puppies and Kittens


Instead of Proud Hypocrites I’ve found puppy dogs and kittens.

My experience of the modern Catholic Church in Britain and the US is that it is hopelessly sentimentalized, sweetly indifferent, spiritually lax, morally spineless and sadly mediocre.

The strict, harsh, Jansenist moralistic legalism that we are told is the problem is so rare as to be non existent.

Therefore I think something else is going on.

The  progressives have always played the “sweetness and light compassion for the victim” card in order to advance their agenda.

This is how it works: to push your agenda through and bring in your brave new world first find your victim. Then find the villain.

Paint the villain black. Paint the victim white.

Get everyone to wring their hands with sadness and furrow their brows with guilt over the victim. Get them to start scapegoating the villain.

Next make sure that everyone who should happen to demur from your agenda, anyone who stops to ask questions, anyone who challenges facts or attempts to bring truth to bear must be seen as on the side of the villain. That person does not have compassion or mercy. He’s also one of the bad guys.

Use group think and propaganda to exclude that person. His questions cannot be allowed. They are nothing. Mercy is everything. Compassion is everything. This is a symptom of the dictatorship of relativism because it is sentimentalism run riot and sentimentalism is one of the key tools in the toolbox of  the relativist.

Again, do not misread me.

I’m as much in favor of compassion and mercy and forgiveness as anyone.

But compassion without content is unkind and tenderness without truth is a travesty.

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