Demonic Infection

One of the simple ways to deal with the problem is for an intentional use of holy water and the Lords’ Prayer. I instruct individuals to pray the Lord’s Prayer slowly with an emphasis and focus on the phrase “Deliver Us From Evil”. If the issue is an overpowering temptation to continue in sin then also pray the Lord’s Prayer with a focus on “Lead Us Not Into Temptation.”

Wearing or displaying a St Benedict Cross (a crucifix with the St Benedict medal embedded in it)  is a sacramental that can have strong effects. Seeing it and remembering and reciting the Latin phrase “vade retro satana” (Get Back Satan) which is engraved on the medal helps to counter the infection.

When they enter church and cross themselves with holy water I encourage them to repeat quietly, “Deliver Us From Evil.” or “Lead Us Not Into Temptation”.  It is also helpful to give a name to the difficulty and imagine it as being an infection and the prayers and holy water as being a kind of medicine that fights off the infection. Just as an infection is battled with a course of antibiotics and the doctor tells you to take the whole treatment, so demonic infection will often take a period of time to really take effect. If the sin is deeply rooted because of a long standing habit, then the cure will also take some time to take effect. If the roots are deep in a person’s life they are not pulled out quickly and easily.

The marvelous truth is that the Lord is at work in our lives in very real, very powerful and very simple ways. Prayer, the sacraments and the sacramentals really do work if we use them in faith, trusting in the healing power of the Lord. When we co operate with that grace and combine the healing effects of prayer with will power and self discipline demonic influences fade away and we can achieve real victory over sin.