Don’t Fall Into the Scapegoat Trap


For example, be opposed to jihadists. Muslims themselves repudiate the claims and activities of ISIS. Go here.

Learn about the different traditions in Islam and how the Wahhabi and Salafi fundamentalist interpretations began and spread and how Saudi Arabian Muslims are one of the key players in the spread of Wahhabi Islam.

Realize that the jihadists’ actions are rooted in fundamental texts of the Quran, but also realize that their actions do not represent mainstream Islam. There are other interpretations of the violent and oppressive texts of the Quran just like there are alternative interpretations of the seemingly negative aspect of the Old Testament.

To do this is not to endorse Islam or be soft on Syrian immigration. Safeguards and restrictions are necessary and firm action against terror is vital.

Do all this not only to be informed, but to avoid the scapegoat trap because when a nation falls into the scapegoat trap they will eventually have to follow the logic.

The scapegoat logic is that the demonized person or group of people are the problem. If they are the problem, the problem needs to be solved. The way to solve the problem is to get rid of the people who are causing the problem, and if a certain person or group of people are causing the problem then they need to be got rid of.

Politicians who play on these fears and push the scapegoat button for political advantage are slime. They know what they’re doing and they’re playing you like a violin. They’re appealing to your ignorance, your fear and your self righteousness.

Be smarter than that.

All the immigrants are not the problem. Shipping them all back to where they came from is not the solution. Building a wall to keep them out is not the solution. All Muslims are not the problem. Keeping them all out simply on the basis of their religion is not the solution.

It’s not the solution because after they all go you will still have problems, and if you’re convinced that all the Muslims or all the Mexicans are the problem, then the next thing you’ll have to do is round them up and put them behind barbed wire somewhere, and once that’s done it’s not long before some maniac will call for “the final solution”

And when that happens you’ll turn a blind eye and ignore what is going on, and if you don’t think it can happen here you’re dangerously naive.