Evil Spirits or Demons?

What she is experiencing might be termed “evil spirits” and so they are, but they are usually the result of human problems with a spiritual dimension–not immediate demonic activity.

Such a person needs radical healing and help, but exorcism will not cure her because the problem wasn’t demonic possession to start with.

To complicate matters further, it is possible that diabolical forces could take advantage of her vulnerability and spiritual weakness to tempt her further, darken her life and attempt to torture her, but this is a complicating factor, not the main problem.

What to do about it? The person needs to learn how to use the sacraments and sacramentals to assist in healing and needs to learn how to build a strong and positive spiritual life.

To facilitate healing such persons  need professional care from their physician, psychiatrist and counselor working together with the priest.

Unfortunately these sorts of partnerships for healing are rare in our society. Very few priests understand the healing ministry and not enough physicians and psychiatrists trust and respect the clergy.

Persons who are afflicted in this way need to seek out professional care in addition to developing a devoted, balanced and strong spiritual life so that the Lord can gently, over a period of time bring them to a point of complete healing and reconciliation.