Gay Marriage Today No Marriage Tomorrow

Jane says: “I will have kids in a few years too. Caring for Dante has been good practice. And I know Brooke will be there for me when I’m pregnant.”

The threesome insists that their relationship is like any other normal couple’s.

Adam says: “We are just like any typical family. We wake up in the morning – Brooke will go downstairs to cook breakfast and Jane will make fresh juice for everybody.

“Then we’ll sit down at the table and eat together before I head off to work.

Jane adds: “Brooke goes from a nap after breakfast as she’s tired after looking after the newborn all night. I tidy up the house while watching Dante. When Brooke wakes up, I go to the office.”

Brooke says: “I’m more of a family person than a work person so I’m happy to stay at home taking care of the kids. I look after Oliver during the day too and take him to school.

“In the evenings when everyone has returned from work, Jane and I will play video games and hang out with Oliver and Dante whilst Adam cooks dinner.

“We try to wind things down in our house by 8pm and we’ll all head off to bed soon after.”

So let’s analyze this for a moment. The arguments these three make are the same arguments used to justify same sex marriage. The arguments are utilitarian and sentimental.

Utilitarian: “This works. It’s practical. It’s economical. What’s wrong with it?”

Sentimental: The argument is based on emotion: “Our relationship is normal like everyone else’s. We love each other. We love our children. Why should anybody object?”

Not only are these arguments the same ones used for same sex marriage, but in the absence of any kind of religion or an idea of revealed truth these are really the only arguments that can be made.

With reproductive technology at hand to either have babies or not have babies as they wish, and with completely free sexual choices, Adam, Brooke and Jane are simply living out what the rest of our society already pretty much takes for granted. As Adam says, “With quickie divorce and multiple marriages lots of kids already have two or three parents.”

What is interesting about Adam, Brooke and Jane is that they are not suggesting that the three of them should be married. They live together as a threesome without marriage, but if they wanted to get married why shouldn’t they or couldn’t they? Is there any reason–given the present state of the marriage argument–that they should not be married to one another?

What I am digging at is this: what has happened with same sex marriage is that we have not re-defined marriage–we have un-defined marriage.

If a man can marry a man and a woman a woman, then why shouldn’t anyone redefine marriage in whatever way they please?

If Adam and Brooke and Jane wanted to get married it would seem to me to be just as legitimate a definition of marriage as a same sex marriage. Indeed, Adam and Brooke and Jane’s “open relationship”–in which they are all free to have other sexual partners–are already the terms of most same sex marriages.

If marriage between three is permitted and marriage between members of the same sex is permitted, then any definition of marriage should be permitted. Marriage? Y0u decide what it means. Already we’ve had cases of transgendered people marrying–in other words a man who has transitioned to a woman marries a woman who has transitioned to a man, and in one case, while they were dressing crossways they kept their original plumbing so the woman who was presenting as a man gave birth after becoming pregnant by the man who was presenting as a woman.

It does not require much thinking to see that with the re-definition of marriage into same sex marriage we have not re-defined marriage but destroyed marriage completely, for when marriage has no definition there is no such thing as marriage. Is anyone can marry anyone else in whatever permutation and number of times they desire then there is no such thing as marriage at all.

In many ways, therefore Adam, Brooke and Jane are refreshingly honest. They are living in a “family” of their own making and don’t pretend that there is any such thing as marriage.

As such they are a picture and a prophecy. A picture of where our society really is, and a prophecy of where we are going.

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