Get Ready for the Sequel: “Poor Little Planned Parenthood”

Most of all Planned Parenthood will be portrayed as the victim of harassment, persecution and hate.

Expect the National Catholic Reporter to jump on the crybaby bandwagon and support the poor persecuted folks at Planned Parenthood.

There will be long, sad faces all around to elicit sympathy.

Self righteousness will abound. Poor persecuted Planned Parenthood!

Then, as in the usual fake victim scenario, the “compassion” “deep concern” and “sadness” will be translated into self righteous rage.

Supporters of Planned Parenthood will call for CMP to be investigated. It will be continually trumpeted that the videos were “heavily edited” (neglecting the fact that the full video of Dr Nucatola was published)

CMP will be painted as “dangerous extremists”. Whispers will go around that they are the sort of anti abortion activists who bomb clinics. Already David Daleiden is being smeared by obscure and unsubstantiated links to Operation Rescue and the murder of abortionist George Tiller. They will be portrayed as dangerous  fundamentalist kooks–angry and vile Westboro Baptist clones.

When the media masters are done with their spin, Planned Parenthood will emerge as the poor, innocent victim in the story, and CMP will be dismissed as wild eyed, irrational loonies–fringe activists who cannot be taken seriously.

At that point no one who wants to be taken seriously will give CMP a second look. Those who expressed outrage and called for investigations will go silent. No one will want to be associated with such crazies. The calls for investigations will be dropped. Urbane politicians will move on to the next headline grabbing topic.

Cecile and her gang will carry on and it will be big business, big bucks and dead babies as usual.