Have the Mainstream Media Fallen Out of Love with Pope Francis?

Why is Pope Francis’ trip to South America been ignored?

Is it because American readers don’t really know much about or care much about South America?

How could that be? The trip to Brazil was well covered.

Is it just that they are tired of the Pope’s constant travels? Maybe there are more pressing news stories like the Greek financial crisis or Wimbledon?

Many of us predicted that the love affair between the secular press and Pope Francis would be no more than an adolescent infatuation.

Are they about to return their friendship ring?

Will they start leaving nasty post it notes on Pope Francis’ locker?

Will the gossip girls starting notching up the hate against Pope Francis and all Catholics?

How will the attacks start up? I expect they’ll try to dig up some dirt about his record in Argentina’s dirty war. They’ll dismiss him as “just another old white man”. They’ be patronizing about his South American heritage and he’ll be portrayed as superstitious and lacking in solid intellectual credentials. They’ll blame him for not doing enough about the pedophile scandal and not cleaning up the Vatican bank quickly enough. They portray him as an outmoded male chauvinist homophobe….

How it will come I don’t now, but that it will come I DO know, because Pope Francis will continue to uphold the Catholic understanding of marriage, and that stance alone will put him on the wrong side.

That stance will make them let loose the dogs of war.